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As a transplanted New Yorker who has been living here in Chino Valley for just about a year now, I figured it was time to scratch beneath the surface and find out what's going on in my home town. And what better way to do that, I thought, than to go and speak to the mayor?    
Just in time for the Cubs' trip to Phoenix, a little taste of Chicago has come to Chino Valley. Actually Chow Hounds is giving Chino a great big taste of Chicago in the form of the true Chicago Style Hot Dog.
What's with the Scarecrows at Windmill Farms in Chino Valley? Why, they're here to welcome the guests coming for the Pumpkin Festival.
Donations to the Red Kettles of The Salvation Army in Prescott and Prescott Valley are down this year in comparison to last year by $6,300.

National Regifting Day is Today

It's National Regifting Day today - what's in your closet that you can pass along?
No cats will be accepted at the shelter while extraordinary humane rescue effort continues in partnership with PETsMART charities.