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A strong Pacific storm system, also known as an atmospheric river, is developing off the west coast of California.      An initial wave of moisture is spreading across the region. Rain is expected to continue through Sunday. Snow levels may drop to 6000-7000 feet by Sunday morning.    Windy conditions, with some gusts to 40+ mph possible.       
PHOENIX – An Arizona legislator wants to create a dyslexia handbook to distribute to traditional public and charter schools.
According to Jason Kadah, Public Information Officer for the Prescott Embry Riddle Aeronautical University campus, Dr. Frank Ayers will continue as the local Chancellor. 
Could have rain showers this weekend, snow not likely. 
Pre-Oscar screenings of Best Shorts takes place at Yavapai College.
The Roughriders swept the Pima Community College Aztecs.
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