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Ken & Lisa Lain - Watters Garden Center

Ken & Lisa Lain - Watters Garden Center (375)

Garden ideas to keep animals out of the garden, and plants the deer and rabbit would rather not eat.  Description of the perfect plant animals will not bother. Garden success without the mammals.
The cold vaporized summer flowers, but this pot of flowers brings the landscape back to life.  Pruning can be bad before the New Year.  Instead, give the yard a ‘haircut’ that brings order out of a landscape’s chaos.
December tips for better gardens, houseplants, lawn, trees, and shrubs. Greenhouse tips and bird advice to close out the season. 
Keeping Christmas Greens Fresh and Safe from Fire: How to keep and buy the freshest tree on the lot.  Preserving fresh evergreens for beauty and safety.
Some Christmas trees can be planted directly into the landscape.  Seven steps to growing the perfect evergreen in the yard.  Pinyon Pine is gaining nationwide popularity or Pinus monophylla.
The history of Christmas trees and their original meanings. In 1530 Martin Luther was the first Christian to bring a tree into his home. Americans shunned Christmas trees until fashionable England’s influence on fashion changed the U.S. public's mind.