Almost 70% of the responses were to Emergency Medical Service calls.
Citizens express concerns over financial expenditures and legal representation on the Board.
As the CAFMA & CYFD Boards hurtle towards removing any significant public input, one taxpayer asks why.
Are the Fire Chief and Board Chairs attempting to stifle free speech? 
The people elect 5 members to both the CYFD and the CVFD Board to represent them. However, the vast majority of the decisions are now made by the CAFMA Board, which consists of only 3 members from CYFD and 2 from CVFD. 
Fire damage minimized in Chino Valley.

Improved Insurance Ratings in CAFMA Area

Insurance Services Office (ISO) scores improve for Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority residents
A fire is raging at Central Yavapai Fire Department. No, it doesn’t have tangible flames or smoke that burns the eyes, but it’s a fire nonetheless, and it's found in the relationships between some of the staff and some of the Board members.