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Public Comment Period Has Been Moved to April 8th
Update- Public Comment Period Has Been Extended to April 8th

Chino Valley Lights Up for Christmas

The Town of Chino Valley is hosting its first Christmas event this Saturday, December 10th from 6-7pm in Memory Park.  

Bill's Newscast: A Chino Valley Christmas

It’s time for a Chino Valley Christmas.

Ash Fork Child Killed in Chino Valley

“…it was simply a tragic situation where the child didn’t look before entering the road,” Lt. Vince Schaan said.

Yavapai College Hosts Fall Horse Show

Fall Horse Show Event showcases YC and AAEC equine student skills
Saturday, September 3, Chino Valley is the Place to Be!
CVPD Will Get New Equipment Thanks to Community Businesses

Bill's Newscast: Weather!

We got some rain, but that will dry up for a while
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