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Public Comment Period Has Been Moved to April 8th
Prescott Valley ranked #5 in mid-sized cities, with a crime score 1,471. Prescott’s crime score is 2,018.
Sticking to Paved Roads Is the Safest Way to Go
Northern Arizona roads are very icy at this time and schools are either on a two hour delay or have been cancelled, please check with your local school districts.

Keep Weather-Aware & Equipment-Prepared!

Advance preparation is the best chance for survival.
Freeway Segments Will Make Vehicle Travel Safer
Glendale Fire Wants You To Have A Safe And Happy Holiday Season
‘Quick Clearance’ Keeps Motorists, Emergency Responders Safe, Traffic Moving
A Few, Simple Precautions Can Make All the Difference

Avoiding the Dreaded Virus

Viruses, No One Wants Them but, Sooner or Later, Everyone Has to Deal With Them
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