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Some days this week you’ll see day temps in the 70’s, other days it’ll drop to the 60’s. Just normal April weather!

Warm & Breezy Weather Continues

Warm weather and breezy conditions continue this week.

Lovely Weather This Week

If there were a way to bottle up the weather and use it over and over, this might be the week to capture in Prescott, Arizona. If you don’t mind a bit of a breeze, that is.

Weather Roller-Coaster in Prescott This Week

Many took advantage of the lovely 70+º temperatures during Spring Break to get out and enjoy the wonderful area we live in. You’re welcome.

Bill's Newscast: Weather Is Lookin' Good!

Roadwork and sunny weather.
Warmer weather expected for the next few days.

Trough of Low Pressure & Cold Front Coming

Enjoy the warm weather now, colder temperatures are on their way.

Rain in California Heading to Arizona Next

A strong Pacific storm system, also known as an atmospheric river, is developing off the west coast of California.      An initial wave of moisture is spreading across the region. Rain is expected to continue through Sunday. Snow levels may drop to 6000-7000 feet by Sunday morning.    Windy conditions, with some gusts to 40+ mph possible.       

Wet & Breezy Weather Possible This Weekend

Could have rain showers this weekend, snow not likely. 

Weather Looking Cold, Roads Slick

Cold temperatures expected for the rest of the week.
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