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Guy Roginson

Guy Roginson

Guy Roginson is Co-Publisher of Specialized Publishing, parent company to Prescott eNews, Prescott Valley eNews, Chino Valley eNews, and eNewsAZ. The multimedia organization provides news, marketing and advertising services throughout Arizona and the U.S.

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Flight service in and out of Prescott Improves with the Holidays
Extra Awesomeness at Acker Night with and SofTech Computers

Quad Pod: AOPA and All Things Prescott Airport

Guy Roginson sits down for a conversation with Prescott Municipal Airport Manager John Cox. 
New State of the Art Thumb Butte Medical Center Opens in Prescott

New Podcast in Town: 'Quad Pod'

Quad Pod: A Voice For The Quad Cities
What would you do if trash was blown on to your property? Would you clean it up yourself? Point your finger and blame someone else? Or, recycle the situation by turning the trash into jobs for disabled adults, the homeless and U.S. Military Veterans? The latter is exactly what the Fain Signature Group is doing.

'The Coins Don't Matter'

Great smile. Not-so-great math skills.
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