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News Headlines

Bill brings the news of an impersonation, a vehicle collision, and floods in Sedona.
Bill brings the news of Ann Kirkpatrick's plan to save the Fairgrounds and Yavapai Downs, fraud cases and Patrick Swayze.
Representative Lucy Mason discusses the issue of selling State Trust land. Includes map of State Trust land in and around Chino Valley.
Tomorrow is Constitution Day - what can you do to commemorate it?
Bill brings the news about arrests, trials and burglaries, as well as what's happening with the Census, scheduled to take place April 1.
The Town Council will meet on Tuesday to study the construction of two roadways, water and sewer rates and the progress of improvement districts within the Town.  
Bill brings the news of the day, including Mayor Harvey Skoog's position with the League of Arizona Cities and Towns, controlled burns and flu shot information.
David Brandt has been arrested in a case of domestic violence involving a firearm.
Bill covers the events from this last week, including an agreement with Sharlot Hall and PV Mayor Harvey Skoog being reelected to a 2-year term on the League of Arizona Cities and Towns.
Just how do you take care of your septic system anyway? What chemicals should you use - or should you avoid them all together?