News Headlines

New water and sewer rates in Prescott? Feeding the hungry?
Superintendent Announces the Christmas Card Winners!

Catch 22, Day 14

Carlos Maya Pimentel is wanted for several charges related to a 2007 home invasion in Prescott Valley.
On chilly days, it's nice to pop something in the oven and just add a little extra cosy warmth. If you can save some money doing that, so much the better!
The Yavapai College Governing Board will hold a retreat today and a voting session tomorrow.
Noel Breen finds that looking into a burro's soul, he finds his own.
Bill brings a review of the week's events, covering everything from medical marijuana to Acker night.
Making your home beautiful at Christmas is easy to do with these tips and tricks.
Holiday shopping hints for the hardware store? You betcha!
What kind of view do you have in your home? Gary talks to architect Tom Reilly about how to enhance your view with the right windows.