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Syler Newton, a 2-year-old, who allegedly wandered away from his campsite around around 1 am on Sunday, has not yet been located. YCSO Public Information Officer Dwight D'Evelyn offers details into the investigation.
Toyota's 2010 FJ Cruiser is trendiest tank in town.
This is the time of year to keep your plants happy and fertilized. And attracting hummingbirds is easy to do with trumpet vines.
Plumbing problems. They always happen at the very wrong time.  What to do? Rosie offers tips to help prevent the problems before they occur.
Why hire a licensed contractor? Gary talks to Sandy Griffis from YCCA about why it's important and how it can save you a lot of money in the long run.
SB1070, comedy, rap, music and words to think about will all be part of the program at the Prescott Valley Freedom Rally, Saturday night. Senator Russell Pearce will join the lineup of national and local guests. Article includes several videos.
The Kia Soul isn't flawless, John reports, but it offers personality and fun, at a price most folks can afford.
So your neighbor just bought a new motorhome, and he's parked it in a place that blocks your view. What to do? Read Ken's column for non-violent solutions.
Is your home protected against lightning? How about electrical surges? Rosie brings the information you need to protect your home and appliances.
So, what about the commercial real estate market? Gary asks David Parker to give us the inside info.