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News Headlines

Bundle Up!

Meteorologists Calling for Chilly Week.
It's Bill's Week in Review, covering everything from Trader Joe's, to the passing of former Prescott Councilman Bob Behnke.
Cheyenne seemed to me, in contrast with the finished civilization of Europe... the wildest sort of a place.
Today's puzzle is all about Chino Valley.
Ideal garden conditions? Not here! But, Ken explains how you can still have the perfect garden.
Avoiding these DIY mistakes can make the job safer.
Tax valuations will be arriving at a mailbox near you soon.
Need to do your taxes, but don't know how? Can't afford it? You may qualify for free tax assistance.
Judge Bluff has been appointed as the new Associate Presiding Judge; PV gives preliminary approval to Medical Marijuana ordinance.
Congressman Gosar will hold his first Town Hall on Monday in Prescott.