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Three YCSO officers have been killed in a head-on collision on Highway 169.
BREAKING NEWS: A second 2-year-old boy in two weeks has gone missing in Yavapai County.
Although Sylar Newton is presumed to have died in some manner, the investigation and search continues. What happened to him, and why? YCSO detectives haven't given up looking for answers. Video.
This week was greatly focused on Sylar Newton, the missing 2-year-old toddler.
With Sylar Newton still missing, searchers are now looking through trash and landfills for any evidence linked to the case. 911 calls also included.
Syler Newton, a 2-year-old, who allegedly wandered away from his campsite around around 1 am on Sunday, has not yet been located. YCSO Public Information Officer Dwight D'Evelyn offers details into the investigation.