Artistic Sculpture Turns Functional

09 April 2016   Lynne LaMaster
This sculpture is also a bicycle repair stand.

It looks like a garden sculpture or a metal piece of art or maybe something small children can swing from and dangle their legs. But what it really is may surprise you. It’s a very unique piece of metal art turned bicycle repair stand, recently unveiled at the Quality Inn Prescott on Sheldon Street.

Margo Christensen, Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations, shares the story. “In the fall of 2015, we commissioned local artist Leslie Buttita and challenged her to design a metal piece of some kind, make it look like a sculpture but function as a wash and repair stand for bicyclists”. The result was worth the wait and is reminiscent of a patina finished piece of garden art that one might find at the Yavapai College Sculpture Garden (coincidentally right across the street from Quality Inn) but certainly not commonly found at the front entrance of a hotel.

“The idea came to me”, Margo said, “last fall when I was doing some work with a local event called One Man’s Treasure’s and at the same time researching online where to purchase bicycle repair stands. After finding nothing other than ugly industrial stands, the idea hit me – why not blend the two together and have a local artist create something from recycled metal?” The bicycle stand functions as both a wash and repair stand located next to a hose spigot and has proper drainage to wash away dirt and chemicals. The metal flowers and blades of grass are used for hanging t-shirts and tennis shoes and metal trays are used for holding tools and bike parts while doing maintenance. The only industrial pieces used are the two clamps that hold the bike securely off the ground while doing repairs.

Todd Sadow, President of EPIC Rides and the Whiskey Off Road, was in Prescott in early April and had the opportunity to see the bake stand for the first time. “The recently renovated Quality Inn is a great addition to Prescott’s hotel options”, said Todd. “More so, Margo’s efforts to accommodate cyclists by allowing bikes in the rooms and providing a custom and artsy bike-stand gratis make it a no-brainer for mountain bikers to visit and ride the trails. Plus the patio seating is the perfect spot to catch the sunset over Thumb Butte….while sharing post-ride beverages and watching a buddy work on their bike”.

Mountain bike season is just ramping up in Prescott and the Quality Inn is eager to welcome any and all cyclists to stay overnight, enjoy the patio views and have a convenient place to clean and repair their bikes for their next trail ride.

For questions or more information, contact Margo Christensen, 928.925.6593 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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