U.S. Dentists Converge in Prescott for Training by Local Dentist Jason Campbell

06 July 2016   Laurie Beaman
Dr. Jason C. Campbell, DDS, Educates Dentists on TMJ/TMD, Migraines, and Dento-Medical Issues

Prescott, Arizona   Dr. Jason C. Campbell, DDS, has been practicing general dentistry in Prescott at Jason C. Campbell, DDS, Cosmetic & Family Dentistry for over a decade. During that time, his practice has treated many patients suffering with:

  •  biomechanical” issues causing chronic facial pain of TMJ/TMD, migraine headaches and bruxism
  •  complex oral and systemic issues related to acidity inflammation 

With a passion for treating these types of patients, Dr. Campbell furthered his knowledge with continuing education at the USC Ostrow School of Prosthodontics, Periodontics and Oral Surgery.  Four years ago, he opened the Advanced Prosthetics Institute (API) in Prescott, using advanced technology to serve patients suffering with the above issues, which he coined, “Biofunctional Disorders” in dentistry. 

The quad cities area has been very supportive of API and its focus on community education through seminars, empowering individuals to feel confident in their oral healthcare decisions.  Our community’s local dental, medical and healthcare providers have also been supportive as they often work with API as collaborative care partners to address biomechanical and complex oral and systemic issues related to acidity inflammation, helping mutual patients achieve overall wellness.

Another focus of API is as an educational resource and support system to dental professionals.  With much planning and encouragement from dentists nationwide, API recently hosted its inaugural, 2-day course designed to provide accredited continuing education to dentists. Attendees from across the country learned how to incorporate Dr. Campbell’s biofunctional philosophy into their practices.

Dr. Campbell stated, “The course provided an in-depth understanding of the biofunction philosophy, as well as, supporting knowledge, skills and systems to allow dentists to more easily recognize and treat Biofunctional Disorders.  Dentists were able to return to their practices with greater knowledge to help patients in their communities with unmet chronic head/neck pain, such as TMJ/TMD and migraine headaches.  They also learned how to treat patients with complex dento-medical issues resulting from conditions such as, gastric disorders which cause acid erosion of tooth enamel, autoimmune illnesses or allergies, etc. which may be interrelated chronic facial pain.  We are thankful to the quad cities community for helping to launch API locally. Now that we have the foundation built, we are able to share API’s biofunctional philosophy with other dentists who can help individuals nationwide to find resolution to their complex oral issues.”

You can learn more about the Advanced Prosthetics Institute’s comprehensive dental rehabilitation services at www.APIDentalRehab.com or call to schedule a consultation at 928.776.0239.  API is located at 139 W. Whipple St., Prescott.


If you are interested in learning how API collaborates with dental, medical and healthcare providers to better serve patients with TMJ/TMD, migraines, bruxism, or complex oral and systemic issues, refer to the above website or call 928.776.0239.