The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

07 December 2016   Kristina Abbey | CompuTime
Marketing Your Business Is an Important Factor to the Success or Failure of Your Business

This makes marketing an important and necessary part of running a business. In modern society, social media activity has a strong presence and it is now become a essential component in a business’ marketing strategy. Unless you are extremely savvy in social media, knowing exactly what to do, or not to do, on each site can be a challenge.  To help you navigate social media marketing, here are some tips for several social media pages on how to best promote your business.


Facebook is a social media site many of us are already familiar with using.  You probably won’t be surprised by this, but Facebook now leads the global social networking pack. There are many options of what you can do to market your business, from sharing photos and articles, to posting educational material. When using Facebook to promote your business, here are things to remember:


  • Be genuine and use content that reflects your online personality and voice.
  • Post frequently & respond back to timeline posts and comments.
  • Be strategic with your posts
  • Test different types of posts to see what gets attention.
  • Post at high traffic times of day.
  • Be recognizable and consistent
  • Coordinate your cover photo and profile photo
  • Keep using the same coordination throughout to make your brand recognizable.


  • Always be selling
  • Spam your audience
  • Ignore negative comments
  • Create a profile instead of a page for your business
  • Post to the wrong Facebook account
  • Leave your company’s “about” section blank
  • Post too often
  • Be slow to respond


Short, simple, and to the point are three ways to describe communication in Twitter. With a quick message maxing at 140 characters (including web links), businesses can communicate quick up-to-the-minute updates to their followers. What’s great about Twitter is that you can send tweets through multiple devices and platforms. Tweets can be sent, shared, and read through computer and cell phone making Twitter a user-friendly social media platform that is great for marketing your business.  When using this particular social media be sure to stay aware of what to do and what not to do when using Twitter.


  • Show your personality
  • Follow people and other businesses
  • Acknowledge tweets sent to you
  • Fill out your bio with something meaningful
  • Have a good profile pic
  • Fill in location information
  • Vary tweet times
  • Use original content
  • Provide timely info
  • Use “Twitter Talk”
  • Shorten links
  • Engage with your community


  • Shout
  • #Don’t#Over#Hashtag
  • Be the over follower
  • Forget to include a link to your website in your bio
  • Forget to spellcheck
  • Constantly be selling
  • Repeat yourself
  • Be aggressive
  • Retweet every single time your account is mentioned 


Despite all the jokes of a Pinterest addiction from using the site, Pinterest is a fantastic way to use images to market your business. Users can upload, save, sort, and manage images (called pins) and other media content in collections called pinboards. Users can “Pin” links to useful website information and videos as well as share pins from other users that contain useful or interesting information.

This social media platform is great as users can also link Pins to Facebook or Twitter.  For those who have product to promote, Pinterest can serve as a “virtual storefront” to showcase the items they have to offer. Taking advantage of this social media site can be a great asset but be sure you follow the Do’s and Don’ts of this particular type of marketing.


  • Complete your profile
  • Create your first 5 boards
  • Use a secret board to save content for future pins
  • Have an awesome cover photo
  • Join a Community Board
  • Focus on image quality
  • Use keywords in your descriptions
  • Use different images to link back to your site
  • Pin regularly
  • Cross promote your pins to increase followers


  • Post low-quality images
  • Ignore group boards
  • Don’t just pin your own content
  • Be inconsistent
  • Make your profile hard to find
  • Leave an empty or incomplete board
  • Forget to add a “pin it” button to your site
  • Pin anything and everything
  • Pin all your pins into one board
  • Forget to change the comments on a pin


Snapchat is a fun messaging app that allows users to capture a photo or brief video and add captions, doodles, or filter/lens over the top. These photos and videos are brief and are sent off to friends or followers. As this app is largely used by college students and millennials, businesses will want to be sure to aim their communications for this group. When using Snapchat it is a good idea to keep the following dos and don’ts in mind.


  • Create a Snapchat account if you’re trying to reach millennials
  • Use emojis to help express yourself and enhance your story
  • Go behind the scene
  • Remember to be mindful of background noise when recording videos
  • Use any color when doodling or using text
  • Add music to your videos
  • Create GeoFilters
  • Remember to look at your views/screenshot stats before your story expires so you can measure your snap reach
  • Keep your stories short and simple…make it...well, snappy 


  • Avoid creating a Snapchat account for fear of the unknown
  • Miss an opportunity to engage
  • Get caught saying, “GO” when prompting someone to speak in a video
  • Cut your message short
  • Switch back and forth from vertical to horizontal when telling one story
  • Get caught off guard when opening snaps from followers
  • Post long stories


You might wonder what the difference is between Instagram and Snapchat. Snapchat is a message app, while Instagram is a photo sharing app. Instagram highlights photos or videos as opposed to Snapchat’s chatting/messaging focus.  

Simply put, Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing, and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos. This is great resource for marketing product lines and sharing behind the scenes information about your company. Even better, you can also share Instagram posts to other social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Some tips of do’s and don’ts for Instagram would include:


  • Post consistently
  • Use the link in your bio to promote specific posts or landing pages
  • Ask questions for engagement
  • Engage with others
  • Create a signature style/look
  • Use industry relevant hashtags
  • Share behind the scenes content
  • Analyze your account


  • Over post
  • #Don’t#Over#Hashtag
  • Use auto-commenters, or follow bots
  • Post irrelevant content for the sake of engagement

When using social media to market your business there are simple rules, some of which cross over from one type of media to another. The biggest assets are showing your personality while keeping it professional. The most common liability is overselling and using too many hashtags on posts. Have fun with your social media, this is a time to make your business shine and focus attention on what you have to offer your customers.

As a well-established business in technology, CompuTime, a local woman-owned business, can help you get set up. Need a webpage to bring your customers to from your social media sites, give us a call, we are happy to help!