Congratulations to the Arizona Hometown Radio Group

02 September 2010  
It's a 25-year birthday for the Arizona Hometown Radio Group - how better to celebrate than with a 5th radio station? KUGO. Congratulations from Prescott eNews.

sanfordcohen2Twenty-five years ago, none of these radio stations existed:

KPPV 106.7 FM

KQNA 1130 AM AND 99.9 FM

KDDL 94.3 FM

KPKR 97.3 FM

But, that was then, and this is now. Sanford and Terry Cohen, owners of the Arizona Hometown Radio Group, are celebrating 25 years on the air, and they keep growing. As a matter of fact, there's another reason to congratulate them - they've just started a new radio station at the Grand Canyon - Travel Radio USA, KUGO 102.5 FM.

Sanford and Terry talk about the past 25 years, and what comes next:



Lynne LaMaster