Fwd: Marketing Minute - Hail 'King Content,' But What About Context?

14 November 2014  
You May Hail King Content, But You'd Better Bow To The God of Context

Content plays such a monumental role in the realm of marketing. Most businesses are finally realizing it is imperative to produce relevant, engaging content to remain a viable force. Entertain, inform, and engage is our motto. Yes my lord, content is king.

It's unfortunate though for those just realizing that content is king. As company thrones heed the content calling, beheading mediocre marketing managers, banishing in-bound traitors, and racking print AD schemers, their eyes will soon be drawn to the light that is already beaming through the Great Houses of the Kingdom. That light is of a god that rules their king. That god, is context. If you are one of those late to the content game, this is your “Game of Marketing Thrones Moment”. - Ned's dead, all hail the new king.

When discussing context as it relates to marketing, we could touch on:

  • the way Netflix shows us movies we may like to watch ("You watched Game of Thrones, you may like Vikings") -- ding ding, yes;
  • the manner in which Spotify and iTunes know what we want to hear (i.e. "You listened to Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin, You may like Kings and Queens by Aerosmith) --- what does the fox say? -- yes;
  • how vehicle telematics pull up places of interest on our moving maps as we drive our wagons, seeking the fine ale;
  • the importance of responsive web design;
  • integrated technology platforms;
  • and so on.

Delivering User Experience as a Service

But for the purposes of this short article, we are going to talk about context in terms of delivering a user experience as a service offering for your customers. (Note: If you don't have a responsive web design, get a new web developer and fix your outdated armor quickly. Need a “moment”, or perhaps just a Twix candy bar as you take a knee and realize you need more archers than you thought?)  PS - our blacksmiths are currently updating our own outdated, well worn website, so we know the challenges.

Tech Lords, Trolls, and The New Cookie

As tech lords and their trolls further their exploitation of location as the “new cookie”, and the millions of peasants and lords alike migrate at light speed to mobile, when - where - and in what conditions your customers engage you is the knowledge of the god of the kings - CONTEXT.

So exactly what are we talking about here? Imagine you take your kids to the zoo. You and your family walk into the botanical gardens, and you open the Zoo App you just uploaded to your phone earlier that morning. The Zoo App then locates you and begins to guide you and your family through the gardens. It provides a new way to interact with the exhibits and subject matter.

TE2's Live Branded Maps and iBeacon Technology

Stop imagining – your new god and his tech wizards have already blessed the realm. This enhanced, interactive experience is already a reality at the Los Angeles Zoo's Rainforest of the Americas exhibit. Essentially, the Zoo has employed a virtual docent to deliver an entirely new way for guests to interact and learn during their visit. This virtual docent, or mobile app, is powered by TE2's Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, leveraging iBeacon technology to unlock content including detailed animal and habitat information, audio, and high-resolution images as visitors move through the exhibit – right to their phone. Guests will also find it easier to navigate through the Zoo grounds by leveraging TE2's Live Branded Map™. Additionally, visitors are able to receive contextual messages from the Zoo that welcome them, remind guests of key opportunities, and thank each guest as they leave. Through the app, visitors will also be allowed to take the content home with them, creating a relationship with the Zoo that extends beyond their visit to the physical park.  That my lord, makes content god.

This technology is already being employed at universities and theme parks. Soon you will find it in hospitality, consumer goods, venues and events, and retail outlets. Eventually, as you forage through your most frequently visited forest, supermarket, or retail outlet looking for smoking deals or tasty truffles, your phone will pitch you a voice alert that deals are available in isle five as you stroll through aisle four. More importantly, this technology will eventually be scaled for smaller venues and businesses.

So, before you get all excited about that new content marketing program you just launched with your virtual trebuchet, you may want to start kneeling to the all powerful god, CONTEXT.

Author:  www.linkedin.com/in/guyroginson

[Source: PR Newswire release.  TE2 website: www.theexperienceengine.com ]



Guy Roginson