Prescott Teen Brings 'To Save a Life'

19 October 2012  
It's a movie for teens. And a teen is bringing it to Prescott.

"To Save a Life" will be showing on Saturday night at 6 pm at Willow Hills Baptist Church. Admission is free, and snacks will be provided, according to one remarkable young lady, Shelbyrae Myers.

Myers, 14, a freshman at Tri-City Prep High School, was dismayed to hear about two recent suicides that occurred at Prescott High School. She decided to try to do something to help.

"I just wanted to reach out to kids in the community that are hurting and considering suicide," Myers said, speaking from her heart. "And to those that know someone who committed suicide."

Myers had seen the movie, "To Save a Life," and thought that it would appeal to other students. So, she decided to bring the movie to Prescott for kids in middle and high school. Even college kids, she said. She's arranged for student representatives to come from most of the local schools.

"To Save a Life begins with one that wasn't," writes the reviewer for PluggedIn. "Suicide. Sex. Teen pregnancy. Divorce. Drugs. Cutting. Hypocrisy.

"Those aren't the typical things we put at the top of our "Positive Elements" section. And To Save a Life isn't your typical Christian film. It deals with a host of weighty issues—perhaps too many.

"But here's the key: It deals with them when some films—including some Christian ones—would rather make light of the topics or turn tail and run."

Read more of the PluggedIn review here. And there's a separate interview with filmmakers Jim Britts and Brian Baugh available, too, called, "Saving Lives is 'Your Job.'"

Pure and simple, this is a movie that teenagers seem to love. Screenwriter Britts is also a youth pastor, and when asked what his kids thought, he replied, "They saw it kind of through two lenses. They absolutely loved the film, first of all. We've shown it to a lot of youth workers, too, and they loved it. But teenagers love it more than anybody. My kids loved it as a movie, [but lots of them were in it, too, so] every 12 seconds you hear someone go, 'Hey, that's me!'"

Myers said she had seen the movie multiple times and it had touched her, she thinks it's a movie other kids will like. "I decided to show the movie because of what is in the movie... The movie is about this boy in high school who commits suicide and his friend that he had been friends with when he was younger, hadn't really talked to him, so he kind of took on the guilt in thinking that he could have stopped it," Myers explained.

Myers said she's hoping to, "...have a group that is started at each school, either a separate group or a group that goes along with the Bible Club... I'm hoping to do this at least once a year, do a different event."

"I decided to start this because I saw the need for kids around our community that have so much pain from past life and are hurting with the suicides, and I just kind of realized how many people thought of it and how many people go through with it," Myers explained.

When asked if she were surprised at the suicides that took place at Prescott High School, she admitted she was. "It made me sad to think how many people actually go through all this," Myers replied.

Myers has been assisted by her church and youth group with some of the financial costs associated with the event.

In addition, Daniel Pittner will be speaking about how to apply this to your life, according to Myers. Pittner is a senior at Mountain Ridge High School in Phoenix, and also happens to be Myers' cousin. Why Pittner? Because he's already involved in helping to get Bible Clubs started in different schools. "And he's just really cool, and I love hearing him talk," she said. "I think many people will be inspired by him."

Myers has started a Facebook group page called L.I.F.E. - which stands for Love Integrity Faith Engaging.

In the end, what Myers wants is simple, but big. "I hope that this will prevent more suicides in the future, and that kids will have the tools if they think their friends are going through this."

When: Saturday, 6:00 PM

Where: Willow Hills Baptist Church (map)

What: Movie, To Save a Life, Snacks, Discussion afterwards

Cost: Free

More information: Facebook 


Lynne LaMaster