MATForce Asking for Public Attendance for New Drug Free PSA

10 August 2016   Linda Thein
MATForce and Cable One Advertising are Working Together to Launch New Campaign

On Thursday, August 18th, 9-11 AM - MATForce will be working in conjunction with Cable One Advertising in shooting a :30 TV Commercial / PSA “Stand With Me, Be Drug Free”. “Stand With Me, Be Drug Free” is a newer MATForce theme/campaign to create community awareness in reducing substance abuse and building a healthier community.

The commercial / PSA will air locally on Cable One, as well as Local Access Channels and be posted on the MATForce Website/Facebook pages. Krista Witherow, Cable One Creative Director, and member of the MATForce Steering Committee, is producing and coordinating the project along with Merilee Fowler, MATForce Executive Director.

The TV Shoot will include shots of individuals, families and local Law Enforcement and City Officials, saying “Stand With Me, Be Drug Free”.

Per cooperation with the Town of Prescott Valley and Parks & Rec Director, Brian Witty, the entire commercial will be shot in the Prescott Valley Civic Center area and center lawn. The shoot will begin at 9AM, with a big group shot at 11AM, which plans to be the most impressive shot and show the support of our community in the start of this significant theme & campaign.

We hope you can be a part of sharing this MATForce Campaign and how, as a community we want you to “Stand With Me, Be Drug Free”.