Prescott VA Patient Diagnosed with COVID-19

It is now possible to view number of cases by zip code. 

The Day Prescott Became Home

We moved for Mom. We stayed because of Prescott.
About a week before Christmas, Governor Doug Ducey appointed Representative Martha McSally to fill the vacant Arizona US Senate seat. 
Here at eNews, we believe that it’s a great way to start out the year by recognizing people that make a difference in our community. 

Cowboy Poets Coming to Prescott this Week

31st Annual Gathering of Cowboy Poets Set for mid-August
Several power outages affected the quad-city area.

Sean & Tylene Loomer In Prescott

Sean and Tylene Loomer, believe in inspiring people to live a healthier lifestyle through education. 
It’s a building that dates back to 1894. Now being considered for condos.
Prescott Named Best Value Town In the Southwest, beating out Scottsdale; Silver City, New Mexico and Los Alamos, New Mexico. 

Arizona's PSPRS Dilemma

The History Behind Arizona's Public Safety Personnel Retirement System, How The Fund Was Hurt After Financial Downturns and How It Has Affected The Various Cities in Arizona.
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