New playground equipment is coming to Prescott Valley.
MATForce and Cable One Advertising are Working Together to Launch New Campaign

Political Signs Vandalized in Prescott Valley

Political Signs Damaged

PV Police Looking for Shoplifting Suspects

Shoplifting suspects sought
Lets Get Our Community Together and Show We “Back Our Blue" and Support Them in Their Times of Need

Prescott Valley Police Search for Robbery Suspect

What would you do if trash was blown on to your property? Would you clean it up yourself? Point your finger and blame someone else? Or, recycle the situation by turning the trash into jobs for disabled adults, the homeless and U.S. Military Veterans? The latter is exactly what the Fain Signature Group is doing.

Bill's Newscast: Roadwork in Prescott Valley

Road Construction in Prescott Valley to commence soon.
Works begins Sunday night and will continue for the next three months
If you find yourself on Prescott Valley, your coffee fix is close at hand.
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