Prescott Film Festival Starts Tonight

08 June 2018
Tonight’s the first night of the Prescott Film Festival, and it’s starting out with fabulous films and food.

The feature film tonight is, "A Boy Called Sailboat". The filmmakers will be in attendance to answer questions afterwards. 

The accompanying short is called Downside Up  about a young boy that himself struggling to fit in, when the whole population around him consists of people with Down Syndrome. 

After the showings, step into the Cabaret Party on the stage, for food and festivities sponsored by El Gato Azul. 

Saturday, the films start at 10 AM with five shorts grouped together for Heart, Soul and Hilarity.

At 1 PM, there’s a viewing of Mary Go Round:

Mary Go Round is paired with Nosebleed. Norm experiences similar symptoms to those that killed his twin, so he sets out to check off his bucket list. He’s done it all, but he’s still alive and broke. Now what? Hear from the Nosebleed filmmakers after the showing.

At 3 PM, learn what Arizona has to offer independent filmmakers in a free workshop, presented by Arizona Film Commissioner Matthew Earl Jones

Continue watching 4 short Arizona Films at 4 PM, including one about Whipstone Farms. 

Finally, Saturday night, watch a film from South Africa called Meerkat Maantuig

This film is accompanied by a short titled, "Quantum," a drama about a young boy battling the biggest battle of his life, needing a message of hope to keep going. 


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