It's Oscar Month at the Prescott Film Festival!

06 February 2016
  Helen Stephenson
Prescott Film Festival to present Oscar Nominated Short Films

The Prescott Film Festival is pleased to present the Oscar Nominated Short Animated and Live Actions films again this year.

Animated films screen Saturday, February 20th, 3:30pm. Live Action films will screen on Saturday, February 27th, at 6:30pm.

Both screenings take place at the Yavapai College Performing Arts Center.

This year’s Oscar Nominated Animated Short Films feature a wide variety of animation styles, stories and themes. Pixar has been the one to beat in this category with their bubbly film Sanjay’s Super Team. The story is based on the personal childhood story of Sanjay Patel as a young Indian boy. His father pulls him away from cartoons each morning for prayers, but Sanjay’s imagination links the religious gods and the superheroes seen on TV.

World of Tomorrow, with a tight script and voice over by the filmmaker’s four-year-old niece is the one reviewers feel has a chance to knock Pixar off the pedestal. Dark humor juxtaposed over the adorable voice of Emily makes this one to watch.

Prologue comes from veteran animator Richard Williams, (Who Framed Roger Rabbit) is hand drawn
pencil on paper. (This one is not suitable for children, as it’s a graphic story of war with some nudity.)

The Oscar Nominated Live Action shorts are tightly told stories with, coincidentally, some child actors who really carry their films. Everything Will be OK comes from Germany/Austria and is about a divorced father afraid of losing his 8-year-old daughter.

Shok, from Kosovo, stars two children as Albanians dealing with military occupiers in 1998.

Some movie reviewers are counting Stutterer as the film to watch in this Oscar race. The Verge says “ Matthew Needham’s performance as a young man with a debilitation stutter is strikingly pained and sensitive… “ And “The film does intense and beautiful things with sound design, filling the air with all the word Needham’s character wants to say, and is fighting to say, as he navigates simple experiences like being asked for directions….”

Tickets are $12, and can be purchased at

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