Local Business Offers Young Actors a Unique Stage

24 April 2016
  Anna Furrey | Cronkite News Student
Local party business sets the stage for aspiring, young actors, through character role play at social events.

Quest Character Parties is a business that hires young, talented actors and actresses to dress up like various Disney characters and superheroes and perform at events all over northern Arizona.

Disney princess, and aspiring actress, Sienna Gehl said that she found out about Quest when the owner of Quest came into the Arts Department at Yavapai college, looking for new recruits. Gehl said that the job is a “stepping stone” in her acting career.

“For the standard party, the first thing we do is sit down and individually asked the children their names and their ages, starting off the birthday girl,” Gehl said
Gehl said that her experience with the business has helped her immensely with her acting, singing, and overall confidence.
“I’ve learned a lot of different sides of acting,” Gehl said, “with live theatre, you are on a stage away from the audience, but this experience is more personal and closer to how film acting would be.”

As far as her exposure as an actress, Gehl said that the business is based in Prescott, but travels all over the valley. From Prescott to Phoenix, to Cottonwood and Flagstaff, “anywhere that is an hour away, or a little over”. She said that this a great exposure for her, and gives her a chance to perform more often.
Business owner, Brittni Jeanne Hughes said that she generally tries to hire aspiring actors and cosmetologists because of their “natural passion for the job”. On that same note, she does try to keep an open mind to the possibility that any person with the right enthusiasm could bring just as much to the table.

“It's more important to me that someone can walk into a room and captivate everyone in it with charm and grace, rather than having years of experience,” Hughes said.
After working and performing with the business, Hughes said that she is more than happy to recommend her characters out to future employers.
“We are supportive of all of their endeavors and would love any opportunity to brag about how amazing they are!” she said.

Hughes talked about that many of her former employees do go on to pursue further acting positions within the community.

“Most of our characters are actively in local plays and shows. We love that they are continuously improving their skill set and experience.” Hughes said.

According to Hughes, the business provides various packages that include princess makeovers, musical entertainment, story time, treasure hunts, and photographs with the characters.

“My whole life, the idea of becoming a Princess for the Disney Parks had been on my bucket list,” Hughes said, “When I found out that I could pursue that goal right here locally, it was a total dream come true!”

Hughes said that the goal of the company is to fulfill the expectations of the children.

“We want them to feel special, important and to experience the magic, even if only for a day,” Hughes said.

You can experience the Quest Character Party experience at festivals, parties, or parades all over northern Arizona and Phoenix.

More info: http://www.questcharacterparties.com/characters.html


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