A Variety of Home Visitation Programs Help Community Members

10 May 2013   Claire Louge
Eva Jazwinski and her 21-month old daughter, Jenna.
Home Visiting Programs Promote Strong Families, Healthy Children

YAVAPAI COUNTY, Arizona (May 8,2013) When Eva and Jon Jazwinski moved to Bagdad, AZ, they were about to have their first child, Jenna. Eva, who was an only child and had little experience with kids, was apprehensive about raising a child in a new place. "I didn't know how to be a mom and I had just moved here," Eva said.

Adding to Eva'a anxiety, Jenna was born with a hole in her heart. Fortunately, with modern medicine, this condition would not be fatal. As Eva and Jon waited nervously at the NICU, they were told about the Newborn Intensive Care Program (NICP), a nurse home visitation program that provides health and development follow-up to high-risk infants who spent time in the NICU immediately after birth.

They eagerly enrolled. Through the program, a nurse visited every month to assess Jenna's development, provide the family with activities to help Jenna reach milestones, and connect them to any other community resources they needed. "The program helped calm my anxiety," said Eva. "You can always better yourself as a parent, and it's great to have someone come to my home, give me tips and assure me that I'm doing a good job."

Jenna is now 21 months old, and despite her condition, doctors are pleased to see that she is developing well. Eva is grateful for the support her family has received from NICP, helping them making sure Jenna is healthy, happy and thriving.

Though NICP is only for families with newborns who have been in the NICU, there are several other free home visitation programs available in Yavapai County for pregnant women and parents with children up to age five. Programs include:

  • Health Start- A program of Yavapai County Community Health Services for mothers who are pregnant or have a child under age two. Participants receive home visits and other support from a Community Health Worker. Quad-city area: (928) 442-5478 Verde Valley: (928) 634-6849
  • Nurse Family Partnership (NFP)- A program of Yavapai County Community Health Services funded by First Things First. Program participants receive home visits from a Registered Nurse. NFP is for low-income first-time mothers, who must enroll in the program prior to 28 weeks of pregnancy. Quad-city area: (928)-442-5478 Verde Valley: (928)-634-6851
  • Parents as Teachers- A program of Arizona's Children Association funded by First Things First. Parents with children ages birth to five receive home visits from a parent educator, who gives them individualized parent education and support based on their needs. Countywide: 1-888-771-3435 X2409
  • Healthy Families- A program of Yavapai Regional Medical Center funded in part by First Things First. Families must enroll before the child is 3 months old. Quad-city area only: (928)-771-5651
  • Teen Outreach Pregnancy Services- A program funded by First Things First specifically for pregnant and parenting teens, which includes case management, nurse home visits, parenting classes and group support. Countywide: (928)-772-5590