Williamson Valley Road Residents Learn About Incorporation

12 September 2009  
Will Williamson Valley choose to incorporate? After hearing last night's presentation, at least they are a bit more informed about the process.

WVCrowdWilliamson Valley Road residents gathered together last night in Abia Judd School's auditorium to discuss information regarding the possibility of incorporation.

Tom Belshe, Executive Director of the League of Arizona Cities and Towns provided some of the facts about the general topic of incorporation, after explaining that he was there as a neutral party, and would not take sides for or against Yavapai County.

  • There are specific requirements laid out in the Arizona Constitution and Statutes:
  • The area to be incorporated must have a minimum of 1500 residents
  • It must be a defined community
  • It needs to be urban in nature (although there is no statutory or court case precedent to define what "urban in nature" means)
  • If the area to be incorporated is within 6 miles of another town or city that is incorporated, it must have that neighboring community's permission. That would appear to affect Chino Valley, since it are within the 6 mile limit, as well as Prescott.

How would incorporation be achieved? Belshe explained that there are two methods:

1. Have 2/3 of the registered voters sign a petition for the incorporation. In this instance, no election would be needed.

2. Or, have 10% sign the petition, and then take it to an election. There must be a 50% plus one vote in favor of incorporation in order for it to pass.

If the election fails, they cannot return to a vote for 2 years, at which time they must start the process all over.

While some people are very enthusiastic about the concept, not all are in agreement. One person was heard to say as he left, "I came here to say, 'Not just no, but h*** no.'"

There are still many questions to ask and answer. The next public informational meeting will be on November 12.

For more information, go to their website: http://www.wvcpinc.org/Home.asp


Lynne LaMaster