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Community (311)

In this week's Town Council meeting, Chino Valley will consider adding a fuel fee to traffic violations.

A Bright Star of Partnership

It may look like a big water tank. But really, it's a symbol of a warm collaboration between Chino Valley and Bright Star.

MATForce - Creating Positive Opportunities

A Town Hall will be held in Chino Valley at the "Substance Abuse Effects Many More of US than Just the Person Using."

When The West Was Fun!

Be warned! Lots of photos from yesterday's 22nd Annual First Territorial Capital Days Parade!

Lego Deliveries for Ryan Hadley

As the first sets of Legos are delivered to Ryan Hadley, he and his family know that there's a long road ahead.

Chino Valley Celebrates Christmas

Prescott isn't the only community celebrating Christmas this year! The first annual Chino Valley Hometown Christmas event, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and The Summit Church was held, and judged to be a joyful success.