Chino Valley School Budget Override Is Voted Down

10 March 2010  
No budget override for the Chino Valley School District; and mayors will still be elected by the public in Sedona.


Chino Valley School Board members.

The Chino Valley School District Budget override has been voted down.

Out of 5952 ballots cast, a decisive 3883 (65.24%) voted against the override, while 2069 (34.76%) in favor of the override. Voter turnout was at 51.5%.

The Chino Valley Budget Override wasn't the only proposition that was voted down by an overwhelming majority in Yavapai County. Sedona had a proposition on the ballot that would allow their City Council to select the Mayor, instead of a direct election to choose the leader of the City. With 2614 votes against, to 633 votes in favor of the proposal, it also went down with a 80.51% - 19.49% margin.

Also in Sedona, Dennis Rayner won the two-year council seat with a 17% margin of victory; Barbara Litrell, Mike Ward and Daniel McIlroy won four-year council seats; and Rob Adams will continue to serve as Mayor for another two years.

In Clarkdale, Home Rule passed, with 626 votes in favor to 254 votes against. Bill Regner and Curt Bohall won seats on the Council.

And in Jerome, five candidates for Council came out on top: Jay Kinsella, Christine Barag, Lisa Rappaport, Lewis Currier and Anne Bassett.

Lynne LaMaster