Parents Warned About Spice, a Synthetic Form of Marijuana

14 January 2011   Tim Carter
Spice is a synthetic form of marijuana that is legal. For the time being, that is.

spicepicsJanuary 13, 2011 In a continuing effort to ensure the safety of students, we want to provide parents/guardians with information on a relatively new drug that poses a dangerous health and safety risk to your child - synthetic cannabis.

Synthetic cannabis is known by many names including Spice, K2, Genie, Black Mamba, Triple X, Bliss, Dragon and Bombay Blue. Its chemical make-up is designed to mimic the effects of THC, the primary component of marijuana that produces the “high” and its impact varies from person to person. The effect of Spice/K2 on the user can be up to 15 times more powerful than marijuana because the chemical composition ranges from .2% to 3.0%. Adverse side effects include hallucinations, delusions, severe agitation, elevated heart/blood pressure, vomiting, tremors and seizures.

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has recently listed 5 synthetic cannabis compounds on the controlled substance list. While we anticipate that spice will become illegal sometime next year, for now it remains a legal substance. At the current time Spice/K2 is readily available online, through magazines, in smoke shops, liquor stores and gas stations. It is marketed as incense or potpourri and packages are labeled “not for human consumption.”

Attached is a Spice/K2 fact sheet produced by MATForce, which is working to reduce substance abuse in Yavapai County. Please take the time to read the fact sheet and to educate your children on the risks. As always, student safety is our top priority. If you have any questions please contact MATForce at 928-708-0100.

Download a Parent Fact Sheet here.