Bill Introduced to Create Tax Credit for Teachers

25 January 2018   Matthew Specht
Representative Clodfelter Introduces Legislation to Create Tax Credit for Teachers Who Spend Personal Money on Classroom Expenses

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Representative Todd Clodfelter (R-10) last week introduced HB 2377, legislation that will establish a tax credit for teachers who spend personal money on classroom expenses.

According to studies, teachers in the U.S. on average spend nearly $500 per year on school supplies for their classrooms, like pencils, batteries, art supplies, and paper.

“We have a fundamental problem when our teachers are reaching into their own pockets to buy necessities like pencils and paper for their classrooms,” said Representative Clodfelter.  “The Legislature added over $300 million in new spending for K-12 education last year, and we will continue to direct more resources to our schools in this year’s budget. But until every classroom has the supplies they need, teachers shouldn’t be financially penalized for going above and beyond for their students.”

Supporters of this bill include Rep. Bowers (R-25), Rep. Cardenas (D-19), Rep. Coleman (R-16), Rep. Cook (R-8), Rep. Espinoza (D-19), Rep. John (R-14), Rep. Shooter (R-13), Rep. Shope (R-8), Rep. Toma (R-22), Rep. Udall (R-25), and Rep. Weninger (R-17).

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