Fifty-six Roughrider Student Athletes Recognized on Honor Roll

21 December 2018   Brad Clifford
This is the largest number since 2012.
Fifty-Six Roughrider Student-Athletes qualified for the Yavapai College Athletic Director's Honor Roll for their efforts in the classroom this past fall. That is the most student-athletes to qualify for the honor since the inception of the award in Fall of 2012. Fifteen student-athletes earned a GPA of 4.0.

* Nick Adams             Baseball
* Heraclio Botello       Baseball
* Kylie Brown              Softball
* Pilar Daugherty        Volleyball
* Annie Harte             Volleyball
* Gabrielle Krueger     Softball
* Victoria McCarty      Volleyball
* Matthew Novis        Baseball
* Jake Robson             Baseball
* Mckenzie Ryan         Softball
* Brandon Stansfield  Soccer
* Isaiah Strong            Soccer
* Alayah Villegas        Volleyball
* Nynke de Vries         Volleyball
* Shelby Willis            Volleyball
Jalen Atkinson             Soccer            
Zeleya Loop                 Volleyball       
Andres Hernandez      Soccer            
Neenah Pangilinan     Softball          
Tyler Trump                Soccer
Shaye Pinner               Softball
Brenda Gomez            Volleyball       
Raymi Hernandez       Volleyball       
Kevyn Lo                      Soccer            
Andrew Rivera            Soccer            
Alexus Garza               Softball          
Mikayla Marquez        Softball          
Skylar Redd                 Volleyball
Stela Velinova             Volleyball       
Lacie Tenney               Volleyball       
Alexis Garayzar           Softball          
Brianna Griffiths         Softball          
Gianni Tomasi             Baseball         
Makenna Busse          Volleyball       
Lexi Cole                      Volleyball
Brandon Fischer          Soccer            
Esteban Franco           Soccer            
Vanessa Gomez          Softball          
Drew Healy                 Baseball         
Logan Williams           Baseball         
Gabriel Claudio           Soccer            
Jessica Giacoma         Softball          
Tommy Sacco             Baseball         
Shaylee Alani              Softball          
Tyler Boggs                 Baseball         
Meredith Clark            Softball          
Katelyn Anders            Volleyball       
Logan Rabasca            Soccer            
Sherelle Rodriguez      Softball          
Kamryn Perry              Volleyball       
Jack Silverman            Baseball         
Dalton Daily                Baseball         
Angel Lujan                 Soccer            
Channy Ortiz               Baseball         
Grant Vander Ploeg    Soccer            
Kendra Duran              Softball

* 4.0