Balancing Holiday Temptations

22 November 2016
  Christy Foote | Core Nutrition Coach
When Someone Mentions the Holidays to You, What Comes to Mind?

Is it food, family and/or stress? Sometimes family being the stress! We won't go into the reasons for stress, just some tips on how to manage the lovely temptations the holidays are known for.

A common strategy people use is to not eat all day so they think it's okay to binge later. Think of what that does to your poor body. Your blood sugar drops (mood also!) and metabolism slows to prevent a possible starvation your body senses. Then your digestive system has to go into overdrive and stretch to make room for the whole day's worth of calorie intake in one hour! I think there is a better way.

What I tell clients is to make sure they eat wisely throughout the day. Eat five times a day so you don't get really hungry and stuff your face with Christmas cookies! When you eat small meals throughout the day, your blood sugar is level which helps stave of the sugary cravings and wanting to binge.

Eat foods that are satisfying which are high in protein and healthy fats. How do you feel after you eat a spoonful of peanut butter? For me, it's like heaven and I am giving my body some great nutrients at the same time. It's almost like tricking our minds that we are doing something "bad," but it's really good!

My best advice is to not try and avoid eating goodies all together. That is is recipe for binging or a miserable life! We are humans and humans naturally want what they can't have. If you put all your focus on what you can't have, it makes for an internal battle and will kill holiday joy!

Use good portion judgement. Instead of a full piece of pie with ice cream and whip cream, choose a smaller slice with a small amount of toppings. Whether you have a small or large piece, your inner sugar monsters will still tell you they want more! So this is the time for self control.

If you stuff yourself into a couch coma, just make sure to get exercise and get back to healthy portions thereafter. Most of all be thankful that we are blessed to have this problem of fighting the urge of over-indulgence.

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christy Foote,
Your Core Nutrition Coach

One Bite at a Time

Christy is a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist through the ISSA (International Sports Science Association), she specializing in helping busy women attain their nutrition goals. Whether you want to boost your energy, lose weight, build muscle, fine tune athletic performance, or improve your immunity, Christy will guide you. Her talent, expertise, and custom programs have the potential to transform your body and your life (and you'll enjoy it, too!).

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