CBP Agriculture Specialists Working at Arizona Ports Ensure Mother’s Day Flowers are Disease and Pest Free
Your neighborhood wild bunny wants to eat your garden!
Spring in Full Swing at Watters 55th Spring Open House March 17-19
Flowers' colors and fragrances help home buyers to move fast. Using flowers to sell your home.
Fall flowers allow our gardens to bloom all winter, but timing is everything with these autumn and winter show offs. Transition summer bloomers from the garden to make room for these five plants and your garden will have blooms for the holidays.
Some must-have perennial bloomers for mountain gardens. Colorful flowers that bugs NEVER will eat.
Flowers that attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Milkweed's advantages to  landscapes.  Water to attract birds to the yard. Birds' top favorite flowers. 
How to make plants produce more blooms. Flowers that need to be deadheaded. FlowerPower fertilizer for more blooms.
Low water landscaping doesn’t have to be desert-like.  Best native plants by color for the colorful native garden. Low water, low-care plants.
They’re colorful and cheery, and look good outside or in any room. Now’s the time to get them at a special price!
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