Snippet: December tips to prepare gardens, lawns, trees, and shrubs for winter survival. Greenhouse tips, and advice for houseplant care to close out the season. Care of vegetable gardens and fruit trees.
Want a foolhardy garden? This column is for you.
It's the season for royalty! Invite the Monarchs to your garden.
It’s a list of the best mountain roses. 
How to grow peppers in the garden. 12 peppers that grow best in Prescott. Guinness World Records' hottest pepper. Peppers rated on Scoville Scale.
Release ladybugs in your garden for all-natural pest control.
A butterfly garden in your landscape.  List of plants butterflies find irresistible.  Designing and building a butterfly habitat.   
Plants that rarely need water. Easy to care for Yavapai friendly plants.
Summer flowers that thrive when temps are over 90º
Identify common insects and diseases in your garden
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