Victory Garden 2.0

Run on Garden Center has Official Name: Victory Garden 2.0

March 31, 2020, Prescott, Arizona - The spring planting season has an unusual twist, a consumer-run on garden supplies, seed, plants, and fruit trees that are selling out. The garden center industry has even named the phenomenon - Victory Garden 2.0.

The demand is surprisingly healthy for anything edible in the backyard. Greenhouse space is shifting from flowers over to consumable plant sales. "In past flowers outsold vegetable plants 2-to-1, but not this spring. I'm worried about not having enough seed and plants for the community," says Ken Lain, owner of Watters Garden Center in Prescott. Demand is also up for berries, grapes, fruit trees, vegetable, and herb plants that stretch the grower supply chain. "Growers have already sold through most of this springs crop and are shifting more greenhouse space for additional plants," says Michele Hyatt, vegetable and herb buyer at Watters.

With the first Victory Garden Manual, written in 1943, it was easy to find reasons to grow your food. It was wartime, and food was scarce. The available food back in the day wasn't always fresh nor the healthiest. Nearly 40% of all fruits and vegetables grown in the U.S. were produced at home or in community victory gardens. That's impressive!

Today's Victory garden starts with eight steps.

#1 Know your growing zone.
#2 Make a list of what your family enjoys eating.
#3 Decide if these plants grow best from seed or bought as a transplant.
#4 Plan your garden space accordingly.
#5 Know your garden and buy good quality garden soils and supplies.
#6 Follow recommended sowing and planting dates.
#7 Start composting.
#8 Attract beneficial pollinators with pollinator-friendly flowers.

Ken Lain, the Mountain Gardener

Ken Lain is attracted to sunshine, beauty, happiness, success and health through gardening, and wishes to point the way to others. Throughout the week Ken can be found at Watters Garden Center located at 1815 W. Iron Springs Rd, Prescott, or contacted through his web site at www.wattersgardencenter.com

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