On Sale This Week: Citrus Season

06 December 2017  
So many wonderful things about Christmas - where to start?

It’s the Christmas season, and that usually means a lot of baking. Do you have your baking supplies on hand? Here’s how I prepare my shopping list. (I do this for full meals, too.)

1. Decide which cookies you’re going to make. Gather the recipes together.
2. Create a spreadsheet. You can do this on your computer, or on a lined piece of paper. Be sure to leave space at the far right for a final column.
3. Place your recipe names across the top. Leave the farthest left column blank for the moment.
4. Create one last column on the right, titling it "Totals."
5. Select your first recipe. Write the ingredients in the far left column. Under the recipe name, write how much you need of each item. Do that for all the ingredients.
6. Select your next recipe. Look at the ingredients. If they are the same as the first recipe, write the quantity needed under the second recipe name. If they are a new ingredient, add it to the list in the left hand column, adding the quantity needed under the name of the recipe.
7. Continue with all recipes.
8. When you’re finished with the recipes, add the rows across and place the final amount under the Totals Column. In some cases, you’ll want to intentionally overestimate a bit. Here’s a screenshot of the one I did for my complete Thanksgiving dinner:

9. With most spreadsheet programs you can slide the final column over to get a list. If you’re writing this out by hand, simply fold the paper over to get your Totals column next to the ingredient list.

10. Now, go through your pantry and refrigerator to determine which items you already have, which you need more of, and which items you’re completely out of. Adjust your list as necessary.
11. There you go. Now you’re ready to shop for all your cookie ingredients at once, and you’ll be sure not to miss anything.
12. If you want to save time next year, keep your list. You can add to it, or even redo all the same recipes and use the same list as before.

Gazpacho Day!!!

Did you know that today is National Gazpacho Day? That’s a chilled tomato soup, frequently served in the summer. But, you can serve it any time you like, and since it’s Gazpacho day, we thought we’d give you the recipe here.

It's Citrus Season!

This is also when citrus starts coming into season. When I was young, my mother always made sure we had a tangerine in our Christmas stocking, along with some whole nuts. Now of course, there are Cuties and Halos sold year around. But, there’s a lot you can do with citrus besides peeling and eating. You can add pieces to salads, place wedges in roasting pans to add extra flavor to meats. It makes a great addition to teas. And if you want to make sure nothing goes to waste, save the peels, and then cut them into tiny squares - about 1/2 x 1/2 inch. Push a whole clove through each square. Spread your squares out on a cookie sheet, and let them bake in a low temp oven (about 150º) until they are all dried out. Keep an eye on it, because they can burn pretty quickly! Put in a container, and then use two or three in cups of tea, or hot apple cider. You can also add it to potpourri to add a nice aroma throughout your home.

Orange peel, by the way, is valuable stuff! It is sold online for over $5 per pound.

You can also make candied orange slices:

As always, prices are for this area and for Safeway and Fry's will require at least a Club Membership card. Some may require digital coupons as well. We try to indicate all restrictions, special conditions etc. Sprouts does not require any cards and does not have any special savings days. Every week Sprouts has double ad Wednesday, when you get last week’s and this week’s ad prices. All three stores have digital savings available to those with appropriate accounts.

Go to their web pages for details and directions. Fry’s at least will give you the advertised digital price if you state you do not have the necessary technology. Safeway sometimes has coupons which you can access digitally or clip out of the ad.

Grocery Ad Page Links: Fry’s Food | Safeway | Sprouts


O= Organic
SV=Select Varieties
B/S=Boneless, Skinless
BOGO= Buy One Get One

Items in Italics are found in more than one store



$2.77 lb. Ground Beef, sold in 2 lb. pkg

$4.97 lb. Beef T-Bone Steaks
$1.99 lb. Chicken Breasts BS
$2.99 lb. Beef Chuck Roast
$1.79 lb. Pork Shoulder Roast
$7.99 lb. Fresh Atlantic Salmon


$.59 lb. Jalapeño Chilis
$.99 each Raspberries OR Blackberries
$.77 lb. Arizona Navel Oranges

$.77 lb. Bartlett Pears
$3.99 each 3 ib. bag California Clementines or $5.99 5 lb. box
$1.99 lb. Honeycrisp or Lady Alice Apples

Other Groceries

$1.50 each Nabisco Snack Crackers
$2.50 each Marie Callender’s Frozen Dinners SV
$2 each Kroger Sour Cream or Cottage Cheese SV
$2.50 each Pillsbury Refrigerated Dough SV
$1 each Ole or Banderita Tortillas SV

Buy 5 of These Items for $.99 each (multiples of 5 only) All Select Varieties

Sugar, 4 lb., p$$t brand
Kroger Cream Cheese
Kroger 12 ct eggs
Betty Crocker Mixes
Hershey’s or Reeses Baking Chips

Buy 4 Get $4 Off (Multiples of 4 Only)

$1.79 each General Mills Cereal SV
$2.49 each Oroweat Wide Pan Bread SV
$1.49 each Philadelphia Cream Cheese SV
$1.49 each Keebler Cookies SV
$2.99 each Dannon Greek Yogurt 4 pk SV



$.99 lb. Pork Sirloin, Chops, Roast Or Shoulder Roast
$1.49 lb. Pork Country Style Ribs

$1.67 lb. Half Pork Loin
$5 each Marinated Pork Tenderloin or Fillet
Buy 1 Get 2 Free Pork Lion Back Ribs
$1.99 lb. Chicken Breast or Thighs BS
$1.29 lb. Chicken Drums, Thighs, Leg Quarters
$4.99 lb.Beef Carne Asada Ready to Cook


$.99 lb. Roma Tomatoes
$.79 each Green Bell Peppers
$2.47 each Russet Potatoes 5 lb
$1.25 each Haas Avocados, Medium
$1.99 lb. Broccoli Bunch or Cauliflower, O
$1.99 each Mini Carrots,16 0z. O

Other Groceries

$.59 each Signature Kitchens Canned Vegetables, Tomatoes, Beans
$5 each Ring Cakes
$5 Half Gourmet Pie
$1 each Birds Eye Steam Fresh Vegetables SV
$2 each Cracker Barrel Sliced Cheese SV
$2 each Lucerne Yogurt, 32 oz. SV
$2.99 each Crystal Geyser Spring Water, 24 pk
$1.99 each Mission Tortillas SV

Buy 5 Or More — Save $1 on Each

$.99 each Lucerne Cream Cheese SV
$.99 each Jet Puffed Marshmallows SV
$1.88 each Gold Medal Flour OR C&H Sugar SV
$1.99 each C&H Brown or Powdered Sugar
$1.99 each Hershey’s Morsels SV
$1.49 each Signature Selection Parchment Paper
$1.49 each Ocean Spray Craisins SV

Clip or Click Coupons (Most Have Limits)

$.99 each Dole Canned Fruit SV
$.99 each Lucerne Sour Cream, Half and Half, Whipping Cream av
$1.99 each Carr’s Crackers SV
$2.49 each Lucerne Butter

Holiday Open House — Saturday Dec 9—One Day Only

$1.49 each Mission Tortilla Chips SV
$.69 each Haas Avocados, Medium
$3.99 each Assorted Poinsettias, 4 in.
All Wines 750 ml, Double Discount Day—20% Off If You Buy 6



$2.77 lb. Extra Lean Ground Beef
$1.67 lb. Chicken Breasts, BS
$5.99/ b. Jumbo Raw Shrimp

$1.59 lb. Whole Chicken
$4.99 lb. Lamb Shoulder Chops


$.48 lb. Roma Tomatoes
$.48 each Haas Avocados
$ .77 each Baby Peeled Carrots OR Bunched Spinach

$.77 lb. Cauliflower OR Broccoli Crowns
$.88 lb. Navel Oranges

$.88 each Grapefruit
$.98 each Haas Avocados O
$.98 each Red Mangos O

Other Groceries

$2.99 lb. Pepper Jack Cheese
$2.99 lb Sprouts Butter
$2.99 each Sprouts Cage Free Eggs, 18 ct
$1.50 each Blue Diamond Nut Thins
$2 each Endangered Species Chocolate Bars
$2.50 each Brianna’s Salad Dressing

72 Hour Sale—Fri Sat & Sun Dec 8–10
$.77 each Blackberries
25% Off All Bulk Bins, Bulk Spices and Bulk Coffee
$1.50 each Mini Seedless Watermelons

We promised more cookie recipes, so here you go!

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