Sales, Menus & Recipes: Back to School

02 August 2019  
Back to School. So Soon?

Prescott Unified School District (PUSD) starts this week and the others will be right behind them. So watch out for kids, on foot, bikes or skateboards. Also expect early morning traffic to ramp up.

All the stores feature some good back to school bargains on school necessities, including lunchboxes. But what to put in them, that is the question. Of course if your kid won’t eat anything but crustless peanut butter and grape jelly sandwiches your problem is solved. If your kids are old enough, ask them what items they need to make their own lunch. (May require negotiation)

One thing I learned while waiting in school lunchrooms to meet a nephew is that, at least through the second grade, they are probably not eating as much as you think. One after the other they scoop out and scarf down the things they like and dump the rest in the trash on their way to the playground.

Special Sales This Week

Fry’s—There are quite a few digital coupons. The special Fri and Sat Only digital deals include selected General Mills Cereals for $.99/box. If you need several home care and self care products check out the Buy 4 Save $4 Sale. There is also a Baby Event where if you buy $40 worth of items like Pampers, Huggies etc. you can save $10 instantly. Watch for special shelf tags.

Safeway—The Special Digital Deal this week is for Oroweat Wide Pan Bread $.74/each, first two only. There are a lot of clip or click coupons for Lunchables, $.99/each, GoGurt $1.49/8 pack and Kleenex Tissues $1.49/each.

Sprouts—72 Hour Sale Fri Sat & Sun featuring Blueberries $.98/6 oz box, Sprouts Purified Water $1.77/24 pk, Roasted Cashew Pieces $3.99/lb (bulk). Get 25% or more off some of kids’ favorites from yogurt to nutrition bars. Watch for special shelf tags.

Special Days This Week

July 31—Avocado Day & Raspberry Cake Day

August 1—Raspberry Cream Pie

August 2—Ice Cream Sandwich

August 3—Watermelon Day and Mead Day

August 6—Root Beer Float Day

Thee is evidence that honey was used in making fermented drinks as long ago as 7000 BCE in Northern China. It has a long history all over Asia, Europe and even Africa. Here in Prescott we have our own prizewinning Superstition Meadery. In the Old Capital Building on Gurley St. 

This Week’s Food Suggestions

Main Dishes

Instant Pot Teriyaki Chicken*
Grilled Steak
Pasta with Pesto Sauce* 
Pan Seared Boneless Pork Chops *

Salads and Sides

Watermelon Salad *
Green Salad
Diced Roasted Sweet Potatoes *
Corn Muffins *


Raspberry Tart *
Raspberry Jello Cake *
Root Beer Float *
Ice Cream Sandwiches *

Instant Pot Teriyaki Chicken

Pesto Sauce

You will notice he only uses a little. It is more pungent made this way. So be sparing, you can always add more if you want to after tasting. Alas I am allergic to pine nuts. You can leave out the nuts or use pecans or walnuts. It won’t be exactly the same, but it is still really good. Pay attention when you are adding the oil though, it won’t emulsify quite the same without nuts.

Pan Seared Boneless Pork Chops

He doesn’t mention the main reason for purchasing boneless chops, they are frequently on sale. I have thought of brining them first. I wouldn’t salt like he does, no salt till the last minute will keep the salt from drawing juices out of the chop.

Mediterranean Watermelon Salad

Nigella’s Watermelon Salad

Diced Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Corn Muffins

Raspberry Cream Tart

Raspberry Jello Cake 

Root Beer Float

Don’t really need a recipe. Just remember to put the ice cream in first.

Ice Cream Sandwiches

These will work best with soft cookies. Why not make snack size with regular size soft chocolate chip cookies and a small scoop of ice cream.

Lunch Box Ideas


Items on Sale This Week


Chicken B/S—$1.88/lb @Sprouts. $2.99/lb @Safeway, Signature Farms. 
Chicken, bone in parts—$.97/lb @Safeway, breast, leg, thigh. $1.99/lb @Sprouts, drums, thighs
Beef Steak—$2.99/lb @Safeway, chuck, round, eye. $4.77/lb @Fry’s, T-bone. $5.77/lb @Safeway, boneless New York. 
Ground Beef—$$2.97/lb @Safeway, $2.99/lb @Sprouts. $2.97/lb @Fry’s, 2 lb pkg.
Pork Chops, boneless—$1.99/lb @Safeway, sirloin. $2.99/lb @Sprouts, loin.

Fruits and Vegetables

Strawberries—$.75/1 lb box @Fry’s.$.98/1 lb box @Sprouts.  $3.34/2 lb box (if you buy 3) @Safeway, otherwise $5/each. 
Blueberries—$.98/6 oz box @Sprouts (72 hr sale). $3.34/18 oz box @Safeway (if you buy 3, otherwise $5/each). $2.50/6 oz box @Fry’s, (O)
Raspberries—$2.50/6 oz box @Sprouts. $3.34/12 oz box @Safeway (if you buy 3, otherwise $5/each.
Grapes—$.69/lb @Sprouts, red. $.77/lb @Safeway, red, green. 
Watermelon—$2/each @Fry’s, personal. $1.99/each @Fry’s, big $3.98/each @Sprouts, big. 
Cantaloupe—$1.50/each @Sprouts. $2/each @Fry’s. $2.50/each @Safeway. 
Pineapple—$2.50/each @Safeway.

Greens—$2.50/3 pk @Sprouts, Romaine Hearts. $2.50/pkg, @Fry’s, Kroger or Dole salad blends
Tomatoes—$.99/lb @Safeway, Lg slicing, $.98/lb on-the-vine. $1.88/lb @Fry’s, on-the-vine (O)
Cucumbers—$.50/each @Safeway. $.98/each @Sprouts, english, (O)
Squash—yellow or zucchini—$.99/lb @Safeway
Celery—$.98/bunch @Sprouts
Hatch Chilis—$.99/lb @Safeway

Other good Deals

Sugar$.99/4 lb bag @Fry’s, Smidge brand, granulated white
Hot Dogs—$1.67/pkg @Fry’s, Ballpark, $2.50/pkg @Fry’s, Johnsonville, $3/pkg, Hebrew Nat’l
Pasta—$.99/1 lb pkg @Sprouts
Ice Cream—$3.99/56 oz @Sprouts, Tillamook. $2.48/46/48 oz @Safeway,
Blue BunnyPastries—$1/box @Safeway, Mini Pastry Bites or Turnovers

Cindy LaMaster