Sales, Menus and Recipes: Why Be Vegetarian

11 January 2020  
Why be Vegetarian?

Although when we hear “diet” we usually think of someone trying to lose weight, the word really means the food a person eats. A vegetarian is someone who eats plants only.  There are different varieties of vegetarian diets, from “pescatarian (vegetables/fruits + dairy & eggs + fish) to vegan (nothing involving any animal exploitation including honey and plants fertilized with animal manure.)

Why choose to eat that way? Usually it’s health issues and/or conscience issues. Many people believe that eating only plant based foods is healthier than including animals. At the very least it eliminates unhealthy animal fats and requires eating more fruits and vegetables. Those who believe it is immoral to exploit other animals for food or other products tend to take more extreme measures, not using leather, silk, or anything which uses animal products in manufacturing. 

Did you know that the sugar made from sugar cane uses bone char as a filter. Sugar made from beets (usually less expensive than cane sugar) does not involve the use of bone char. Sprouts bulk sugar is beet sugar, but usually there is no indication on packaging as to the origin of the sugar. If you want to know, call the manufacturer or distributor.

As has been pointed out, agriculture, as now practiced world wide, is full of practices which may affect our health and the health of our planet. The closer you are to your farmers the likelier you are to be able to know what their practices are and to be able to change what seems harmful. Shop your local Farmer’s Market.

More on these and other dietary issues next week. Have you ever thought of trying to eat like your pre-historic/pre-agricultural ancestors?

Special Sales this Week

Fry’s—Buy 6, Save $.50 on each item sale continues. Kroger Sour Cream or Cottage Cheese, $.89/16 oz carton, RedGold Tomatoes or American Beauty pasta, $.49/each, Progresso Soup $.99/can.

Safeway—Special Digital Only Coupon, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese $.25/7.25oz box, first 4. clip or CLICK Coupons; Campbell’s Chunky Soup $.99/can, limit 4, Pace Picante Sauce, $1.99/each, limit 4. There are a lot of $1/each deals, watch for  10/10 shelf tags including Banquet Brown ’n Serve sausages, Hunt’s sauces, Bush’s Beans and many more. Friday Jan. 10 is $5 Friday. Deals include, Primo Taglio meats $5/lb and Boneless New York Steaks $5/lb.

Sprouts—All Vitamins and Body Care Products are 25% off this week. Stock Up or Try something New.

National Days

Jan 10—Bittersweet Chocolate Day and Oysters Rockefeller (In AZ? )
Jan 11—Milk
Jan 12—Curried Chicken and Sunday Supper
Jan13—Peach Melba
Jan 14—Hot Pastrami 

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Suggestions for Hot and Comforting Food for a Cold Week in January

Main Dishes

Curried Chicken
Slow Cooker Beef Barley Soup
Slow Cooker, Moroccan Spiced, Red Lentil and Sweet Potato Stew
Vegetable Ragout

Sides and Salads

Roasted Cauliflower
Steamed Brown Rice
Hasselback Sweet Potatoes
Crusty Bread
Spinach and Citrus Salad
Green Salad
Fruit Salad
Roasted Vegetable Salad


Fruit Plate
Peach Melba
Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Video Recipes

Quick and Easy Chicken  Curry

Serve with steamed rice or warmed flour tortillas.

If you use B/S breast, be careful not to overcook. B/S thighs might be better, just cut each into 4 pieces.

Slow Cooker Beef Barley Soup

Moroccan Spiced Red Lentil and Sweet Potato Stew

Vegetable Ragout

Add some mushrooms. Serve with polenta, rice, or pasta.

Roasted Cauliflower

Polenta (The Real Rules)

Hasselback Sweet Potatoes

Knock their socks off!

Spinach and Citrus Salad

Roasted Root Vegetable Salad

Peach Melba

Why Peach Melba in January? Maybe try Pear Melba. Pears take well to poaching. Use D’Anjou or other cooking types.

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

On Sale This Week

Beef for Soup—$5.99/lb @Sprouts, Chuck Roast, BOGO @Safeway, Chuck Fillet. BOGO @Fry’s, Eye of Round or Sirloin Tip
Chicken—$.97/lb @Fry’s, drums, thighs, leg quarter, bone in. BOGO @Safeway, Red Bird, all varieties. $1.69/lb @Sprouts, B/S thighs or whole chickens.
Cauliflower—$.98/lb @Sprouts
Celery—$.98.head @Sprouts
Potatoes—$2.99/1.5 lb bag @Sprouts
Carrots—Mini Peeled @.99/1 1b. bag @Safeway. $1.50/1 lb bag @Fry’s rainbow mini, (O)
Asparagus—$.97/lb @Safeway
Bell Peppers—$.98/each @Sprouts, red, yellow, orange.
Avocados—$.77/each @Fry’s, lg,$.50/each @Sprouts, small, $1.50/each @Sprouts, lg.
Greens—$.99/each @Safeway, Romaine, red, green leaf. $2.50/bag @Fry’s, blends
Tomatoes—BOGO @Safeway, Cherub. $.77/lb @Fry’s, on-the-vine
Cucumber—$1.25@Sprouts, hothouse
Eggplant—$1.25/each @Sprouts
Berries—$1.25/box @Sprouts, Blueberries and Blackberries. $5/18 oz box @Safeway, Blueberries. $2.50/1 lb box @Fry’s, Strawberries
Apples—$1.99/lb @Safeway, Honeycrisp. $2.50/2 lb bag @Sprouts, Gala, Fuji (O) $.97/lb @Fry’s, Honeycrisp, Envy or Juici
Grapes—$1.98/lb @Sprouts, red, green.
Oranges—$.98/lb @Sprouts
Pears—$1.49/lb @ Fry’s, Bartlett, Anjou, Red, Bosc. $.99/lb @Safeway, Bartlett

Other Good Deals

Walnuts—$3.99/lb @Sprouts, Halves and Pieces, Bulk Bins
Ice Cream—BOGO @Fry’s, Breyers
Cake Slices—$1.50/each @Safeway, single serve

And if you ever want to try to make Oysters Rockefeller, here’s a recipe.

Oysters Rockefeller

Might want to wait on this one until you are near a sea coast.



Cindy LaMaster