Mothers Day, While Sheltering in Place

07 May 2020  
Just think of this as a challenge not a restriction. 

What three things do people commonly do for their Mothers on Mothers Day?

First—Cards. this is an easy one. Mothers always like hand made cards. If young kids are involved, gather up paper, crayons, markers, paint, beads and ribbon, scissors, glue and get creative. Even if all you have is printer paper and a red marker, go for it. If you know mothers who will be alone, or unable to celebrate with their children, make extras to send them.

Second—Gifts. Give Mom something she really wants, time. Time to do something with with the kids, maybe a hike or an early morning trip to the park. Or maybe time to do something without the kids. You may have to make this one a home-made gift card, an IOU or pinkie promise. Something tangible is usually best, it gives her something to remind you with when she’s ready to redeem her gift.  Kids can give these gifts too. How about three gift cards for doing the dishes, or an hours worth of house cleaning or yard work. 

Third—Food. From the traditional breakfast in bed to a barbecued steak, there’s usually  special food for Mother’s Day. Just make sure that she doesn’t have to cook (unless she really wants to) or clean up (that’s non-negotiable.)  A nice dinner out is a popular choice, but not currently available. So how about take out from a really special place. Just call around and see who’s doing takeout for Mothers Day, and what their choices are. 

And, as a gift to all the Moms who must keep working in our grocery stores, pharmacies and other places, Please Wear a Mask in stores. A Mask is something which does provide some protection for you, but provides very necessary protection to those you must interact with. You are probably correct that you don’t have the COVID-19 virus, But what if you are among the very many people who do have the virus, but feel no symptoms. You might still be able to transmit the virus to others. Show your grocery clerks, stockers, and fellow shoppers you care and Wear a Mask. Not to mention keeping your hands as clean as possible. 

Here are some food suggestions for Mothers Day. In addition to the egg, bread, and other breakfast dishes, serve a fruit salad. This is the beginning of the summer fruit season, so put together a few of your Mom’s favorite fruits in a bowl or on a platter.

Fluffy Scrambled Eggs (Easy)

French Omlette (A little harder)

Eggs Benetict (More Complicated)

Anotherr Poached Egg Method

The Strainer Method

Particularly good if your eggs are not super fresh.


Just regular pancakes. To make blueberry, dot surface with fresh blueberries as soon as the batter is in the pan. Placing by hand works best.

Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes

At out altitude you should probably reduce the baking powder.



And Some Less Traditional Choices

Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast Casserole in the Instant Pot

Biscuits and (sausage) Gravy

Might need to go back to bed for a while if you eat this for breakfast.

Best Deals in Stores This Week


Best Deal—Asparagus—$1.49/lb

Flowers for Mom

Hydrangea Plant—$16.99 (and up), select varieties
Rose Bouquet—$20, 18 stems
Candy, Lindt Lindor Triffles—$5.99. 8.5 oz, select varieties
Assorted Chocolates—$Buy1 Get 1 FREE, Whitman’s or Russel Stover
Beef Steaks—$5.77/lb, New York Strip, boneless
Beef Steaks—$14.99, Tenderloin
Roast—$Buy 1 Get 1 FREE, Sirloin tip, boneless
Pork—$1.99/lb,Loin Back Ribs, Natural, whole in bag
Salmon—$6.99/lb, Fresh, Atlantic Fillets, farm raised
Salad Kits—$3.34/each or $10/3. Dole or Taylor Farms
Tomatoes—$2.99/10 oz box, snacking size select varieties
Watermelon—$2/each, personal size
Pineapple—$2/each, whole
Strawberries—$1.88/lb box
Grapes—$.99/lb, red
Raspberries or Blackberries—$1.25/6 oz box
Selzer Water—$2.99/8 pk La Croix or bubly


Best Deal—Blueberries—$.25/6 oz box, limit 2, just for u digital coupon

Flowers for Mom (earn 10x  rewards with any floral purchase, must use digital app to download offer and details)
Tulips—$7.99, 10 stems
Bouquets—$9.99/each, and up
Rose—$11.99/dozen, debi lilly, 
Strawberry Boston Cake—$9.99, 8 inches
Beef Steaks—$6.97/lb, Ribeye, T-bone, New York, bone in, value pack
Beef Roast—$9.99/lb, Tenderloin, hole in bag, cut and wrapped free
Pork Ribs—$2.47/lb, Loin Back Ribs or St Louis Style Spare Ribs
Chicken—$1.97/lb, B/S breasts, sold from full service butcher counter
Lobster Tails—$5/each., 3 oz, frozen
Bell Peppers—$.99/each
Watermelons—$5/each, whole, seedless
Grapes—$1.99/lb, red or green
Navel Oranges—$.99/lb
Eggs—$2.49/dz, Open Nature, Cage Free, 
Tea or Water—$2.99/package, Arizona Tea, 12 pack or Bubly seltzer, 8 pack
Cereal—$1.49/11-18 oz box, must buy 3, select varieties


Best Deal—Strawberries, $.98/ 1 lb box, Organic, Driscoll

There are no specials in the Sprouts Ad on plants or flowers, but there may be some in stores

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Lamb—20% off select varieties, price on package reflects discount
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Sweet Corn—$1/3 ears
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Hothouse Cucumbers—$.98/each
Apples—$.98/lb, Honeycrisp
Sprouts Sparkling Water—$2.98/8 pk=
Bulk Candy—$3.99/lb, Chocolate Raisins, Peanut Clusters, Peanut Butter Cups
Sprouts Organic Tortilla Chips—$3/5, 8 oz, select varieties

Cindy LaMaster