On Sale This Week: Picnic Time!

31 May 2017  
Summer Time is Picnic Time

 In the spirit of summer meals this week is devoted to picnics. Usually June is the most reliable of months in Arizona for picnics. It can be hot but usually there’s no rain and most of the spring wind is gone. See our two menus featuring recipes for sandwich spreads, salads, and appetizers.

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On Sale This Week


Deal of the Week
$4.77—Beef strip steak, bone in, super value pack, limit 4

$.77/lb—Red Seedless Grapes
Frys is featuring Arizona Grown produce this week:
$2/each—Jumbo Cantaloupe
$2.50/each—Tuscan melon or Honeydew melon
$2.50/bag—Mini Cucumbers, 1 lb bag
$3/bag—Red Potatoes, 5 lb bag
$2/5 ears—Sweet corn
$1.99/pkg—Organic Tomatoes, 3 per pkg

$1.77/lb—Ground Beef, sold in 3 lb roll, 80% lean
$1.99/lb—Pork half loin, sold whole in bag, cut and wrapped free
$2.99/lb—Pork loin chops, boneless
$2.99/lb—Ham steaks, Sugerdale brand

Other Good Deals
$.69/dz—Eggs, Large, AA, limit 4
$77/each—Sparkling Ice drinks, select varieties
$1/each—Mug Root Bear, Mist Twist or Crush Orange, select varieties
$1/each—Duncan Hines cake mix, select varieties
$1/each—StarKist Tuna pouch
$2.50/each—Marie Callender’s Pot Pies, select varieties
$.50/each—Yoplait yogurt, select varieties

Buy 5 Save 5 Dollars Sale—Must buy in multiples of 5 participating items to get price

$1.77/box—Kellogg’s cereals, select varieties
$1.99/each—All Detergent, select varieties
$1.9/box—Post Honey Bunches of Oats, select varieties
$2/99/carton—Talenti Gelato, select varieties
$1.49/tub—Sabra Humus, select varieties
$1.99/each—Kraft Mayonnaise, select varieties
$.99/each—Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers, select varieties


Deal of the Week
$147/lb—Pork, Loin pork chops, bone in, family pack

$.87/lb—Peaches or Nectarines
$.99/lb—Cucumbers OR Green bell peppers
$1.99/lb—Tomatoes on the Vine
$2.50/each—Strawberries, 1 lb box
$2.50 each—Jumbo Cantaloupe

$5.77/lb—T-Bone or New York Steak—bone in, family pack
$2.97/lb—Ground Beef— 93%lean, sold in pkgs of 3 lb. or more in meat case
$2.50/lb—Beef, Top Sirloin steaks, boneless, family pack
$5.99/lb—Shrimp, Large, raw, peeled and deveined, previously frozen
$2.47/lb—Beef, chuck woase=t or steaks, bone in, family pack
Buy One Get Two Free—Porkm Loin back ribs, previously frozen
$4.99/lb—Pork ribs, Open Nature brand, fresh, St Louis style
$5.99/lb—Lamb loin chops—Open Nature brand
$8.99/lb—Salmon, fresh, Norwegian, Atlantic, filet
And if you’re feeling luxurious try:
$19.99/lb—Copper River Sockeye Salmon, fresh wild caught, subject to availabiity

Other Good Deals
$.50/each—Nestle Candy, select varieties
$2/each—Grirardelli Candy Bars, 3.5oz, select varieties
$2.50/each—Cookies, Nabisco Oreo, select varieties
$2.50each—Planters Peanuts, select varieties
$1/each—Progresso soup, Traditional rich and hearty, select varieties
$.50/each—Yogurt, Yoplaid Nd Dannon, 4-6 oz. select varieties
$2.99/each—Cheese, Kraft, shredded, 6-8 oz, select varieties
$2.48/each—Ben & Jerry's 16 oz, Breyers 48 oz, Talentii 16 oz. Klondike, Popsicle, Magnum. Ice creams and Frozen treats, Must Buy 4 to get this price, select varieties
$2.50/each—Bacon, Oscar Mayer, 12-16ox, select varieties
$4.99/each—Frozen Cream Pies, Edwards brand, select varieties, limit 4
$1/27/dz—Eggs, Large, AA, 18 ct, Lucerne brand, limit 2


Deal of the Week
$3.99/lb—Cheese, Pepper Jack, Bulk Cut in the Deli case

$.77/lb—Grapes, Red and Green
$.50/lb—Roma Tomatoes
$.77/lb—Hothouse Cucumbers OR Red Bell Peppers
$2/each—Mini Peppers, 1 lb container

Organic Produce
$2.98/box—Strawberries, 1 lb OR blueberries, 4.4 oz
$2/box—Baby Heirloom tomatoes
$2.48/lb—Grapes, Red or Green
$2.98/ 5 lb bag—Russett potatoes or tablet carrots

$1.77/lb—Chicken, Breasts,Thighs, Boneless skinless, no added sodium or enhancers
$1.67/lb—Pork, Loin roast, boneless, sold whole in bag, cut and wrapped free
$3.99/lb—Beef, 93% lean OR Rump Roast. Both Arizona Grown
$1.99/lb—Pork, country style ribs, never frozen
$6.99/lb—Tilapia fillets, farm raised
$8.99/lb—Salmon fillets, Atlantic, fresh, farm raised

Other Good Deals
50% Off—A Wide Variety of waters, juices, etc. Select brands and varieties
$.69/lb==Oats, Rolled, Quick or Steel Cut
$1.49/lb—Raisins, Thompson Seedless
$.88/each—Yogurt, Tillamook, Greek Select varieties
$2/box—Sprouts Frozen Fruit Bars, select varieties
$2.50/each—Yogurt, Mountain High , 32 oz, select varieties
25% off—Sprouts Superfoods. select varieties
35% off—Nature’s Path Organic Cereal, Bars or Pastries

 Let’s have a PICNIC!

Summer is here, lets get outside and have a picnic.

 Here in the Arizona high country, the first decision is, “To grill or not to grill.” Grilling is fun, but in areas where wildlland fires are possible, open flames may be restricted or prohibited. Grilling may be confined to the grills provided by the park or campground. If you want to sit by the lake, or under the pines, away from the hordes, some creativity my be necessary. If you like a spontaneous picnic, set up the basics - utensils, blanket, etc. - ahead of time and keep handy in a basket or tote.

 Picnic food doesn’t have to be fancy. Keeping it simple is fine, and will help to accommodate unknown conditions.

 If you picnic often where picnic tables are not available, buy a small folding table and chairs. For the occasional outdoor eater an old blanket on the ground may suffice. Whatever you are setting up on, things will be much simpler if you do most of the food prep at home. I, too, have struggled to get the dessert assembled with the wind blowing and the flys buzzing. Be sure to bring plenty of paper towels, wipes or hand sanitizer, sun screen and water.

Another issue is food safety. I know we’ve all been told not to bring salads with mayonnaise out into the sun.. In the days when mayo was homemade with raw eggs that was good advice. Now we have commercially prepared mayonnaise, which has so much vinegar and salt in it that it is probably killing the bacteria in your ham or chicken. I still don’t like to do it, old habits die hard.

 So plan ahead—most foods are ok for two hours if not in direct sun. Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold (as my grandmother used to say), bring plenty of liquids, (and paper towels) and have a great picnic meal.

 This week we present two menus—one for a grilling picnic, and one for a fireless picnic. The bread in the photographs is from Wildflower Bread Company.

 Picnic Menu #1—With Grill

Appetizers—Chips and Dips
Meat—Sausages or Steak (bring your instant read thermometer to make sure everyone gets their desired degree of doneness.)
Salads—Pasta Salad Extraordinaire
Dessert—No Bake Cheesecake


 Pasta Salad Extraordinaire 


12 oz. box rotini (other varieties also work, such as shells, cbowties or fun little shapes)
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1/2 cup sour cream
1/4 cup buttermilk
1 cup of the smallest tomatoes you can find (cherry or grape) plus about 6 for garnish
1/2 cup bread and butter pickle relish, or diced bread and butter pickles, about 1/2 inch dice
1/2 lb bacon, cooked and crumbled, divided
1/2 cup sliced celery
1/2 cup snap peas, each cut in two or three pieces
Black olives (optional)
1 large avocado, peeled and sliced (but not before just ready to serve)
salt and pepper

Cook pasta al dente according to package direction, and drain. Place in a large, unbreakable, bowl. Add a little olive oil, just enough to keep it from sticking together. Toss well.

Mix together mayo, sour cream and buttermilk, set aside. This is your dressing.

Mix in all vegetables with the pasta except avocados, Add all but 3 Tablespoons of the bacon. Add pickles, stir lightly to distribute everything evenly.. Now add 1/2 the dressing. Place the remaining dressing in a jar or plastic screw top container.

When you are ready to serve, taste for salt and pepper,. Add if needed. Carefully stir the remaining dressing into the salad, sprinkle with reserved bacon, arrange avocado slices and tomatoes on top.

 Try this No Bake Cheesecake, just make sure you can keep it cool till serving time. Or there’s always S’mores.

 Picnic Menu #2—No Fire

Appetizers—Mini Skewers (Spear small cubes of salami, cheese and mini tomatoes on toothpicks)
Main Course—Prepared sandwiches, Bacon Avocado, Peanut Butter and Honey, Ham Salad
Salad—Fresh and steamed vegetables with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  like a mix of cooked carrots and cauliflower with cherry tomatoes, chopped green onions, and jicama. Add fresh herbs such as arugula, micro greens, torn basil leaves at the last minute.
Dessert—Strawberries and cream (or Greek yogurt or coconut cream)


 Sandwich Spreads 

Bacon Avocado
Makes 1 1/2 cup spread, about 6 sandwiches

8 oz cream cheese softened (try Greek sometime if you can find it)
1 large or two small ripe avocados
6 strips of regular bacon
juice of one lime
2 Tablespoons hot sauce (may need to adjust depending on the heat of your favorite)
1/2 cup grated onion or 3 green onions finely chopped including tops

Cook your bacon, either in the oven or a skillet, until it is crisp enough to crumble or chop.
The easiest way to soften cream cheese is to place it in a microwavable medium bowl and zap for about a minute. Try 30 seconds first and judge by that, you don’t want it totally melted.

Remove the flesh from your avocado(s) and place on a plate. If properly ripe you should be able to mash with a fork. If not you may have to resort to some type of food processor. Leave it a little chunky.
Mix the bacon, onion, hot sauce, lime juice and avocado in with the cream cheese. Mix until well combined.
Slather on your favorite bread. Add some pickled jalapeños, slices of tomato, lettuce or sprouts, or whatever else takes your fancy.

 Peanut Butter and Honey 

  Who knew you could mix together two of the stickiest foods known to man and the result would be—not sticky!

 Makes about 1 1/2 cups spread, about 6-10 sandwiches

1 cup peanut butter (creamy or crunchy, your choice)
1/2 cup honey
1/4 cup mix ins—cocoa nibs (either plain or chocolate coated), chopped fruit, mini chocolate chips, chopped nuts, chopped candied fruit, etc.

Mix peanut butter and honey together in a medium bowl. Stir well, you will be amazed. Mix in whatever—be sure you put in enough so it can be tasted.

For a real treat make your sandwiches on raisin bread. 

 Serve with carrot sticks and fresh fruit.

Here are a couple recipes for ham salad.


 Bonus Recipe

Mini Skewer Appetizers

You should try to have 2 to three per person

Have the Deli slice you a 1 inch thick slice of 2 different meats (use firm meats like salami, turkey, chicken, etc.) and a 1 inch slice of 2 different cheeses (peper jack, cheddar, provolone etc._
about 1/2 cup each red and green grapes (try to get small ones.)
1bout 1/2 cup tiny tomatoes
a few cubes each of cantaloupe, and honeydew  melon, pineapple, blueberries, cucumber

In general, use what you have, buy small amounts of other items to supplement and if you don’t like something use something else.

Use colorful toothpicks. Skewer 3 items on each one. Try to make the last one something firm like cheese. Mix them up, variety is the spice of life.

Transport in a plastic lidded container. Keep cool if at all possible..


Cindy LaMaster