On Sale This Week: July 19-26 Ads

19 July 2017  
Cherries are On Sale This Week - 

Chicken is a good deal at both Fry’s and Safeway this week. But pork chops are also pretty low. I only use bone-in chops for grilling as they don’t dry out too easily. We included videos for some good grilling suggestions.

Cherries are a good price again this week. How about some cherry ice cream or cherry ice cream sauce? Windswept Acres, at the Farmer’s Market is making cherry barbecue sauce—might be really tasty with the pork chops. Just paint it on the last times you flip the chops.

It is still July and still warm, so look for good deals on ice cream to celebrate Ice Cream Month.

We are changing our format this week. In order to try to get you the best deals in a timely fashion, we are splitting off the “On Sale This Week” portion, which will continue to be published on Wednesday. The Food and Recipes section will be targeted for Thursday. 

As always, prices are for this area and for Safeway and Fry's will require at least a Club Membership card. Some may require digital coupons as well. We try to indicate all restrictions, special conditions etc. Sprouts does not require any cards and does not have any special savings days. Sprouts does have double ad Wednesday, when you get last week’s and this week’s ad prices. All three stores have digital savings available to those with appropriate accounts, go to their web pages for details and directions. Fry’s at least will give you the advertised digital price if you state you do not have appropriate technology. Safeway sometimes has coupons which you can access digitally or clip out of the ad.


Deal of the Week
$2.49/lb—Center Cut Pork Chops, bone in, super value pack

$.88/lb—Tomatoes on the Vine
$1.49/each—Carrots, Organic Bunch
$1.99/lb—Plums or Apricots
$2/each—Jumbo Cantaloupes
$1.99/package—Grape Tomatoes, 10 oz pkg, OR Mini Sweet Peppers, 1 lb pkg

$.99/lb—Chicken, Foster Farms Split Chicken Breasts and bone in thighs
$1.79-lb—Pork, Shoulder Roast, bone in
$1.99/lb—Pork Back Ribs, previously Frozen, Super Value pack
$2.99/lb—Ground Beef, 85% lean, in 2 lb packages
$9.99/lb—Beef, boneless strip steak, super value pack

Other Good Deals
$1/each—Yogurt, Chobani, Tillamook, Fage, select varieties
$3/each—Lunchmeat, Hillshire Farms, 7-9 oz, select varieties
$3/each—Ice Cream, Dreyer’s, 48 fl oz select varieties
$3.49/each—Low Cow Lite Ice Cream, 16 fl oz, select varieties
$3.49/each—48 fl oz Private Selection Ice Cream, select varieties

Back To School

(buy $20 worth of school supplies with online coupons—Save $5)
$.19/each—Spiral notebooks, single subject
$.89/each—Filler Paper, wide ruled or college rules
$.49/each—Composition books
$.49/each—Crayons, 24 ct, limit 4
$.49/each—3x5 index cards


Deal of the Week

$1.67—Chicken, boneless, skinless, breasts or thighs, sold from butcher block

onsale cherries

$.77/each—Strawberries, 16 oz box, limit 2
$.77/each—Avocados, Haas, size ?
$.99/lb—Baker Potatoes OR Sweet yellow onions
$.99/each—Tropical Mangos
$1.49/lb—/Tomatoes on the vine OR Broccoli crowns or cauliflower
$1.49/lb—Italian squash, green or yellow

$.87/lb—Chicken, Whole or Leg quarters (family pack), bone in
$$1.99/lb—Pork, sirloin chops, boneless, family pack
$2.47/lb—Beef, Chuck steaks or roasts, bone in, family pack
$5.97/lb—Beef, T-Bone or New York steaks, bone in, family pack
$5.99/lb—Shrimp, jumbo, raw, frozen, sold in 2 lb bag
$5.99/lb—Fish, Tilapia, fresh fillets, farmed
$7.99/lb—Fish, True Cod, wild caught, fresh

Other Good Deals
$4/each—Gelato, Talenti, (16 oz) or Breyers (28.5 oz)
$3.50/each—Haagen-Dazs ice cream (14 oz) or bars, OR Outshine bars
$2.50/each—Ice cream, Open Nature brand, select varieties, 16 oz OR Signature  Select, 48 oz
$4.99/each—Ice Cream, Blue Bell brand, 64 oz
/41.50/each—Whipped Topping aerosol, 6.5 oz, select varieties
$1.25/each—Yogurt, Oui brand, French style yogurt, select varieties
Buy One Get One Free—Frozen Fruit, 3 lb, Signature Kitchens, select varieties

Back to School Savings
$3/each—Lunchables Uploaded, Oscar Meyer, select varieties
$1.99/each—Water, Refreshe brand, 24 pack
$2/each—Assorted school supplies, notebooks, pens etc, selection varies by store
$3/each—Copy Paper, Crayola washable markers 8 ct,  Crayons, 64 ct, select varieties


Deal of the Week
$.98/lb—Red Sweet Cherries

MMM-this looks good and easy, even if you do have to bake it:

$.34/lb—Bartlett Pears, new crop
$1.25/box—Strawberries (1 lb box) or Blueberries (6 oz box)
$.77/each—Red Mangos or Maradol Papays
$.77/lb—Apples, Pink Lady
$.88/lb—Oranges, Valencia
$1.25/each—Hothouse Cucumbers OR 1 lb bags of Baby Peeled Carrots

Organic Produce
$.88/each—Kale, green curly. bunch
$1.88/lb—Dapple Pluots
$2.50/each—Mini Sweet Peppers, 1 dry pt
$3/each—Organic Salads, Earthbound Farms, 4-7 oz, select varieties

$2.49/lb—Pork, Sirloin chops or roast, boneless
$3.99/lb—Ground Beef, all natural, 100%grass fed, value pack, limit 4
$4.99/lb—Ground Beef, Gourmet Burgers, prepared daily, assorted flavors
$4.99/lb—Beef, London Broil
$9.99/each—Fresh Fish, Halibut portions (6 oz), wild caught in Alaska

Other Good Deals
Buy One Get One Free—Alexia Frozen Potatoes, select varieties
$.50/lb—Oats, rolled, quick or steel cut
$2.99/lb—Provolone Cheese, bulk cut, in Deli
$3.99/each—Eggs, Free Range, Organic Valley
$4.99/each—Sprouts Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1 ltr
$2.50/each—Pastries, fresh baked, 6-8 ct, select varieties, in bakery
$1.29/each—French Bread, Fresh baked, 15 oz
$7.99/lb—Roasted Pork, Boar’s Head brand, sliced to order in deli
$8.99/lb—Cheese, Blanc Grue Gruyere, Boar’s Head
$3/each—Cereal, Peace, Uncle Sam or Erewhon brands, select sized and varieties
$4.99/each—Coconut Oil, Sprouts, refined or unrefined

25 % off more than 1000 Paleo Items
25% off—Paleo Protein Powder, Garden of Life Raw Probiotics, Sprouts Liquid Vitamin B, Gaia Herbs Turmeric, Nature’s Way MCT or Coconut oil, all selected varieties


Cindy LaMaster