Letter to the Editor: Stop The Gerrymandering

16 October 2011  
"...dismayed and outraged..."

Colleen Mathis is the chair of the Independent Redistricting Commission.

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I urge both Governor Brewer and the Arizona Senate to remove the current Arizona 'Independent Redistricting Commission' because of its neglect of duty and gross misconduct in office.

I am dismayed and outraged by the developments that have transpired at the AIRC. Ever since it began to function it has clearly been dominated by partisan interests who refused to let Republicans have the legal counsel of their choice, picked a far left strategy and campaigning company as the 'mapper', and who now in producing the CD map that was voted upon last week, have accomplished their obvious goal of gerrymandering district lines to boost their chances of winning elections that they could not otherwise fairly win. They are doing this through the unfair exercise of raw power by three unelected individuals. It has become obvious to observers all over the country, including non-partisans, that the Democrats have managed to hijack the Arizona redistricting process.

In doing so, the three commission members who consistently vote to favor Democrat objectives have ignored the results of previous elections in which people picked the elected officials of their choice. These three people have to a large degree negated that popular will and have produced district lines that please them and the party they represent with no regard for fairness or the desires of the bulk of the population of the state.

They have redrawn our Congressional and Legislative Districts with lines that twist and slink all over the state. They broke neighborhoods in half, counties in pieces, and broke up school districts. They forced people together who have nothing in common -- except a Representative who can't possibly represent all their conflicting needs.

The draft map adopted by three commissioners of the IRC fails to meet the standards set forth in the Arizona Constitution.

Please help to put an immediate stop to this travesty!

Lynne LaMaster