Letter to the Editor: Hells Angels Challenge Iron Brotherhood to Boxing Match

28 February 2013   Michael Trevor Koepke
Wanna box?

Here is a Letter to the Editor from the local chapter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club:

Dear Editor,

I am very concerned with the recent events pertaining to the Iron Brotherhood Motorcycle Gang. I am very displeased with the “bully” nature of said law enforcement officers. I belong to a real motorcycle club that holds events in Yavapai County periodically. Most notably, the “Chino Valley Shootout Boxing Smoker”.

We (as a motorcycle club) are hosting another boxing event on March 31st2013. I am issuing a public challenge to the members of the Iron Brotherhood Gang, to fight me, Michael Trevor Koepke at our event. I am aware that it is unlikely that they will accept my offer, due to our opposing standpoints. My motorcycle club is willing to entice them to participate by offering a friendly wager. If a fighter of their choice (a member of their gang) wins a 3-3 minute boxing match against me, we will donate $1,000.00 to a charity of their choosing. If I win, the Iron Brotherhood Motorcycle Gang will officially disband in the state of Arizona.

We will organize the event with safety our utmost priority. We are offering this opportunity for these bullies to prove that they are actual tough guys, who stand for something. We also would like to emphasize that good sportsmanship is our standard, and we ensure a safe environment to all attendees and fighters. Thank you for your time.


Michael Trevor Koepke
Vice President, HAMC Yavapai County