Editorial: Martin Luther King, Jr and the Message He Brought

20 January 2014  
Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered a Message the country, yes, even the world, needed to hear.

The truth is, I know people, some even in my own family, who aren't that impressed with Martin Luther King, Jr.. A lot of their disdain is due to his personal moral failings (something he shared with King David, eh?) and his Marxist leanings. And there's pretty good evidence that he plagiarized a great deal. Not admirable.

But, what I do admire and am grateful for, is that Martin Luther King, Jr. allowed himself to be used by God to bring awareness and change in a country that needed to remember that the color of one's skin doesn't matter nearly as much as the humility and strength of one's heart.

God tends to use rather imperfect tools to bring the Message He wants us to hear. At one point in the Old Testament, He used an ass to speak. (Numbers 22:28). Ever read the story of Jonah carefully? Or Moses? Or Peter? Or Paul? If any of these men walked among us today, would we reject them, or focus more carefully on their flaws than on the Message? Can you imagine King David if the National Enquirer would ever have gotten their sneaky video cameras on him? Yet, he was described as, "A man after God's heart."

So, let us be appreciative of the good that Martin Luther King, Jr. did do. We can be honest about his imperfections, but in the end, that's between him and the Lord. 

In the meantime, what are you doing to share the Message you have personally been entrusted with? It's probably a different Message than the one I've been given to share; probably a different Message than the one that Martin Luther King, Jr. was given to deliver. I believe we all have been given a Message from the Lord - the question is, are we willing to be used by Him?


Selma to Montgomery marchers - Martin Luther King, Jr. did not participate, but did advocate
in their behalf.


Lynne LaMaster