Letter to the Editor Regarding SB 1062

23 February 2014   Mike Siavelis
One reader weighs in on SB 1062.

February 22, 2014

Dear Editor,

Kudos to Senator Pierce, Representatives Fann and Tobin for voting the correct way on SB1062!

Here we go again. Protests, marches, hate mail, temper tantrums, hunger strikes, propaganda of fear, lies and twisting the truth instead of reading what is really in this law. The media promotes this hatred towards Bible believing people. They think that is their job!

Why aren’t we allowed to do what we want with our own businesses?

If someone doesn’t want to do business with me they should have that right. If I don’t want to do business with a someone, I have that right. My choice. Why are we forcing people to do business with what is against their religious beliefs? Whose business is it anyway? The sue happy lawyers? The government? Or the owners? Seems there is less and less freedoms in America, the land of the free.

They want to force someone to go against their religious freedom and do personal business with same sex partners? What? If I don’t want to take someone’s money for a service I render, I shouldn’t be forced to. They can choose not to do business with me also.

The opponents are comparing this to discrimination against blacks and Jews etc. Ridiculous.
The same sex lifestyle is strongly condemned in the Bible. Very different. Abortion is also condemned in the Bible. If someone is against abortion because it is against their religious beliefs, do we force them to have one? Do we force them to finance them? We can’t pick and choose what we want or don’t want from the Bible. If you are a true Christian, it is all or nothing at all.

They want to force everyone to embrace the gay lifestyle and give up their business choices and religious freedoms. Without this law, lawyers will shut those businesses down. Then who wins?

Mike Siavelis
Prescott Valley, AZ