'Go and Vote' - A Campaign Video You'll Actually Like

20 August 2014  
Jeff DeWit's latest campaign video is fun, reminding us of the values Arizona was built on. 

It's a rough and tumble campaign season, as candidates jockey to put themselves at the top of voter lists. Unfortunately, many of the candidates and those political action committees which support them, seem to work harder at destroying their opponents' record, experience and skills than at promoting their own value to the voters.

So, Jeff DeWit's newest online YouTube video/advertisement comes as a breath of fresh air in a campaign atmosphere that has been rather stifling the last few weeks. It shows a candidate that is willing to take a chance (wait until you hear him sing!) and step outside the norm for political messaging. It also shows a candidate that is campaigning with his entire family, teaching his children about the election process, and having fun doing it.

We don't publicly endorse any candidates in eNewsAZ publications. It is our philosophy that if we can provide enough information to our readers, they'll vote based on the facts and as their personal values guide them.

However, we quite cheerfully endorse this video because it brings a smile to everyone who watches it, and it reminds us that running for an important office like Arizona State Treasurer can be a wonderful opportunity to tour the state and have a great deal of fun while bringing a message to the people of lower taxes, a growing economy and new jobs!

And, yes, I love the fact that a great deal of it was filmed in Prescott!




Lynne LaMaster