Speaker Tobin Thankful For The Opportunity To Serve

01 January 2015   Andy Tobin
Speaker of the House Andy Tobin says goodbye and thank you.

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX (Monday, Dec. 31, 2014) – I am very grateful for the opportunity I was given to serve in the Arizona Legislature for the last eight years, and for almost four years as Arizona House Speaker. It was an honor to be able to represent the voters of District 01 and all of Arizona.

When I was elected as the National President of the United States Jaycees - Junior Chamber of Commerce - in 1988, part of the oath of that office said “….Service to humanity is the best work of life.” Community/Voluntary service is the very foundation and obligation of every American citizen. Some can give more than others, but it is important all should serve to better their community, state and nation. This is the basis of good government.

While it is true that partisan and non-partisan disagreements take us down some very difficult and time consuming paths, it is also true that these paths provide a forum for our debate and help us to mold our differences into public policy.

While I have won many races, I have also lost some, most recently the race for Congressional District 01. What is most important, however, is that running and attempting to speak, work and serve in political forums is truly a celebration of the very democracy that most of the rest of the world is glad exists here in America. Celebrating when winning an election is an appropriate result of a lot of effort, but the true celebration is the very fact that an election occurred and we move on together.

Some elections can be more difficult than others, but elections occurred where Americans of all political persuasions and sentiments picked the person they thought was best to serve. Celebrating and respecting the decisions of the electorate whether in victory or defeat is affirming the process we were given by those who advocated, participated and fought for us. New elections are always ahead for us, celebrating what we expect; that our democracy is always a work in progress.

I wish to congratulate those who have run for office and their families. Thank you all for putting yourselves out there to serve our communities and also those who vote and make a choice. The very spine of our country is affirmed in the citizens’ obligation to participate. We live in the greatest nation in the world, in the greatest state in the nation. Let us all work to remind our neighbors and fellow citizens not to miss America’s great day of celebration, Election Day, a day that must be continually fought for by every generation and every American.

Happy New Year and all my best wishes to the newly elected leadership in Arizona and America.


Andrew M. Tobin