Letter to the Editor: It’s Time to Put Main Street First

31 October 2010   Dr. Paul Gosar
Dr. Gosar speaks from the heart about why he's running for Congress.
Dr. Paul Gosar (right) stops in at Friday's football game and congratulates Coach Benetone (left) on the Badger's victory.

I’m a small businessman and healthcare provider. My whole life I have worked hard to provide for my family and make a difference in my community. The past few years have been difficult for everyone. Too many people have had to make the decision between paying the mortgage or putting food on the table. It feels like people have lost faith in the American dream because of the endless obstacles and challenges in the way. This is not the way I was raised, nor how our nation should operate.

For the past few years we have let the government spend our money, take over our health care, and impose burdensome regulations on us. We have watched big business and Wall Street get help even though they wasted their opportunities to succeed. We have seen the government fail in trying to create jobs and stimulate the economy. We have seen foreign nations take our jobs because of the red tape imposed on businesses here. The past few years have dampened our spirits and made us question whether or not our children would be able to live out the same opportunities that we once had.

That is why I am running for Congress. It is time we stop rewarding bad behavior and start rewarding good behavior. It is time we empower small businesses and Main Street. It is time that we rein in big government and stop the wasteful spending. It is time we pay down our debt so that our children and grandchildren have the same opportunities and faith in America that we had when we were growing up.

I know that elections can be difficult. Too often you’re bombarded with false attacks, misinformation and blatant lies. That is not how I operate. I’m tired of business as usual in Washington and I want to take my small business know-how and my healthcare experience to Capitol Hill so that we can finally provide commonsense solutions to the problems that plague our nation.

First, let’s stop the spending and bring fiscal responsibility back to our country. We need to return to 2008 spending levels, then cut non-defense, discretionary spending by 10%. We also need to return the unspent TARP and stimulus money. We should freeze government pay for one year and adopt the line-item veto. Programs like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac need immediate reform and must be transparent. Taxpayer money should never be spent without you or me knowing exactly where it is going. We also need to create a sunset commission that regularly reevaluates all government programs. There are so many duplicative and ineffective programs that waste hard earned taxpayer money, this is unacceptable. We can save about $1.25 trillion by enacting these reforms immediately.

If Main Street has to operate on a budget then so should Congress. The days of treating the taxpayer money like a blank check are over. That is why I am a supporter of a balanced budget amendment. If it’s good enough for you or me, it should be good enough for Congress. The idea that we can spend more than we make doesn’t cut it for small businesses like mine- and that is exactly the life experience I will bring to Washington.

I also want to take a moment and share my ideas for how to reform our broken health care system. There is no doubt we need to create a competitive market to lower our health care costs and open up access for all people. However, the disastrous health care bill that my opponent supported does nothing but raise health care costs and put the government between you and your health care provider.

As a dentist, I know how much red tape the government imposes on healthcare providers. I am not allowed to volunteer at a public health facility or Veterans hospital and treat those in my community who would benefit from my service. Rather, I am put on a waiting list for years while those who need my services are forced to wait. We need to stop the anti-competitive insurance practices. We need to enact tort reform. And we need to allow small businesses to band together to purchase insurance for their employees and let individuals purchase insurance across state lines. If we take these steps, we will lower the cost of insurance and open up access for all people, without putting a bureaucrat between you and your doctor.

The American dream isn’t lost. We still have an opportunity to clean up Washington and change this mess we’re in. When we cut back on spending, put Main Street first, and repeal onerous, job killing legislation- then we will begin to turn around this economy and bring back jobs and innovation to this land of opportunity. As a small business owner I know we can do this; as a father, I know we must do this.

Dr. Paul Gosar is a small businessman and healthcare provider who has practiced dentistry in Flagstaff for 25 years. Currently, he is running for Arizona’s First Congressional seat in order to create jobs and more opportunities for Arizonans.


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