Where Are the eNews Endorsements?

01 November 2010  
Where are the eNews election endorsements? Lynne answers that question and more.

endorsedIt's been a particularly nasty campaign season. The tone of many of the press releases and advertisements has been personal to the point of almost being childish. So, how does one cut through the campaign rhetoric and make a decision?

By paying attention to facts, not attacks.

Now, that's not always easy. And, believe me, many of the campaign committees have a difficult time acting like grownups this time of the year. (As a matter of fact, we've been so adamant about getting facts, not attacks from the Kirkpatrick campaign that they've apparently taken us off their list. We don't get any of their press releases any more, even though her Communications Director Derek Frome admitted, "You've been fair. You've been very fair.")

But, we're determined to get the facts, and that means we don't have time for the personal attack nonsense.

So, our "to do" list for the next 24 hours is simple: Provide our readers with facts. We expect that it will be fast and furious over the next few hours. You'll want to check in often.

What we won't do is tell you how to vote. How arrogant would that be? What, do we think our readers are dumb?

Some media outlets do offer their endorsements. That's their decision. But, we believe firmly that if we provide enough facts, enough documentation and enough links for research, our readers can figure it out for themselves. Our readers are smart, and thoughtful. They can make up their own minds.

Here's our plan for this last day before the election:

Felecia Rotellini is in town today from 12:30 - 2 pm, and we'll be chatting with her to see what her positions are. We'll bring that to you ASAP.

Tonight is the night that just about every Republican candidate in the state will be on the Courthouse steps; we'll try to do a live update from there.

As we get in more news today, we'll put it up. We'll have a Political Trails column called, "Political Trails: Last Minute Election Odds'N'Ends" shortly that we'll dump small things into. As for incoming information, we'll try to get it to you as quickly as possible. In that Political Trails column, we'll keep a list of everything that is being put up, because an article may show on the home page and then cycle out quickly, depending on how much stuff comes in today.

Tomorrow, of course, we'll bring you all the election coverage we can. There won't be a lot during the day, but we'll be out at night. No matter who wins or loses, it should be fun, 'cause there's nothing like election night!


Lynne LaMaster