What Does Christmas Mean to You?

25 December 2010  
For some people, Christmas means a plunger. For others, it's a time of miracles. But, surely, it's a time of journey.

blessedChristmasChristmas means different things to the people around us.

My sister-in-law said she was in WalMart the other day, and saw a man walking towards the checkstands with just a toilet plunger in his hand. "Merry Christmas," she said cheerfully.

"Yes," he responded. "After all, gotta get something for the wife."

To some people, Christmas is a time...

  • to buy gifts
  • to spend too much money
  • to see sparkling lights
  • to listen to wonderful music
  • to feast on amazing food
  • to reflect and remember
  • to mourn and regret
  • to love and give
  • to be intertwined deep within their faith


Historically, Christmas is the day that Christians set aside to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Perhaps it has been a while since you last read the account: one place you can find it is in the Bible in the 2nd Chapter of Luke.

It's a story of the miraculous happening in an unexpected place. It's the story of two people on a trail of faith and obedience. It's a story of responding to circumstances beyond control. It's a story of action and adversity. It's a story of love and trust in the face of incredulity. It's a story of seeking and finding. It's a story of hidden blessings and grace beyond imagination.

Some of that may resemble the Christmas you are experiencing this year. Maybe your journey is carefree, perhaps it's difficult this year. And sometimes it's hard to find hope along the way. Do perservere.

And wherever your own trail leads you, the eNews staff offers warm wishes for today and the coming year.

Lynne LaMaster