Letter to the Editor: Tobin - Let Us Pray For and Protect Each Other

09 January 2011   Andy Tobin
"Our work of democracy must not be stopped," Andy Tobin says with resolution.

tobinreflection2Please pray for the victims and their families of Saturday's tragedy in Tucson. Let’s all be strong in condemning this ruthless act of violence and move forward in prayer and courage.

The cowardly acts of Saturday have affected us all, a shot "below the belt" to all of Arizona. It wasn't Republicans, Democrats, Liberals or Conservatives that were attacked Saturday, the victims are Arizonans, Americans.

The haters who attempt to alter our freedoms will never win with violence. Freedom loving Arizonans and Americans will stand together united to fight those who believe in fear and violence. Belief in our freedom transcends our party affiliations and any ideology. Its the very freedom that we treasure that allows for our debates.

I received many messages of concern from fellow law makers, friends and family. One friend from Florida encouraged us to stand strong as they just experienced the recent attacks at a school board meeting that shook their community.

My daughter wrote me a note that said “"I really think there is something wrong with the world that we live in today" . I wrote back to her promising we would not let cowards ruin our nation by scaring us away from our job to make America a better place.

Other friends called to ask me to be safe and careful out in public. Thanks for all the concern and love, my response is simple, we can’t let idiots frighten us from our work to serve the citizens of our communities. Our work of democracy must not be stopped, we must honor the victims, their families and the heroes who helped save lives during this incident.

Beware those people and/or groups who look to turn this event into a self serving opportunity. They are users who hope to prey on our emotions to drive discontent and will evaluate the incident to their advantage.

Let us instead, pray for and protect each other. I for one, will not let the haters keep me from serving our citizens and look forward to standing with my fellow elected public servants to do the peoples work.

All my sympathy and heartfelt support goes out to the victims and their families. Know prayers are surrounding you from all over the world.

Andy Tobin, Arizona House Majority Leader