Matt Santos

Matt Santos

Matt speaks with Chris Presson, former President of the Sundogs Hockey team. 

Chino Valley Begins HUD Rehab Project

CHINO VALLEY, AZ- Armed with $275,000 in grant money from the Arizona Department of Housing (ADOH), the Town of Chino Valley Development Services Department is helping several local families get their homes safe and energy efficient.

Mile High Show: A Conversation with Mayor Marley and Chief Freitag

Mayor, Fire Chief, budgets and service.

It's Local, It's the Cheek Tones

This week Matt sits down with Don Cheek, the driving force behind The Cheek Tones.

Fatal Accident in Paulden Claims Two Lives

Motorcyclist and an 18-year-old truck passenger killed in collision.

Hit the Road with YRT

CHINO VALLEY, AZ- With local gas prices over $3.50 a gallon, Quad City drivers are constantly looking for ways to save at the pump. The Yavapai Regional Transit Authority (YRT) has a suggestion for you - Get on the bus.

Talk of the Town: Yes or No on the G.O. Bond?

AUG 11 Talk of the Town PSA.

Hundreds Attend Wade Parker Memorial Baseball Game in Chino Valley

CHINO VALLEY, AZ- Another fantastic turnout at Chino Valley High School today as hundreds attended the 2nd Annual Wade Parker Memorial Baseball Game.

Promotion and Badging Ceremony Takes Place in Chino Valley

Chino Valley takes time to celebrate fire fighter promotions. 
CHINO VALLEY, AZ- The Joint Management Agreement (JMA) between the Chino Valley Fire District and Central Yavapai Fire District was approved during the June 19 CVFD board meeting, and will officially go into effect on July 18.
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